Anyone making "BRUT" IPA's??

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OG-wan Kenobi

Arcane Artisanal Ales
Oct 11, 2018
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Long Island
Thanks for the reply.
Sometimes you just have to make a sacrifice for the art of brewing. :D

There's more than 450 posts on the main Brut IPA thread with lots of advice but as this will be my first attempt I will stick to the process in the NB recipe PDF.
Half of the Ultraferm in the mash and the other half in the fermenter, if it was indeed Ultraferm that came with the kit?

I've also see some recipes with more hops in the dry hop than this one has in total but will resist the temptation to add more hops myself or could it do with some more dry hops?
It came with 2 different enzymes 1 for mash and 1 for fermentation they started with A's I don't remember what either one was called they came with an ice pack I remember.