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Beer is good
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Feb 6, 2006
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La Plata, MD
After the third time in 2 years I burned a 20# CO2 bottle in a couple days (they normally last 9 months) I went to Northern Brewer and replaced the whole 15 year old gas system..All is now good!
Sounds like it was a worthwhile expense! I'm happy that my cobbled together system is still plugging along, but I'm thinking about updates and upgrades when this converted fridge dies. It is hanging in there, and sometimes makes weird and unusual noises, but I'm hoping it makes it until at least spring when it'd be more enjoyable to work outside on a new keezer with all the new fixings.
Right on. What’d you replace?

I went through my entire carbonation system due to a leak and it turned out to be one of my corney keg poppets.

Glad it worked out for you!