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  1. Homebrewer2008

    Whites flakes in Fermenter

    Hello, I have been brewing for a while, but this was my first NEIPA (Fruit Bazooka NEIPA - All Grain from Northern Brewer). Used Omega OYL-2-- Tropical IPA yeast. Left it in fermenter for just over 4 weeks at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, dry hopped after one week and then 10 ago. Noticed these white...
  2. Evan Kingsbury

    Dry hop disaster?

    Hi all- I brewed a New England style IPA today. I'm trying out a new pressure fermenter for the first time. I'm going to double-dry hop the beer and wanted to avoid introducing oxygen so I used magnets to hold my dry hop additions in hop bags above the level of the fermenting wort. I've...
  3. D

    Dry Hopping enough?

    I’ve made a couple neipa’s lately with varying degree of success. But the one thing that seems to be eluding me is getting a strong fruity, juicy, flavour from the dry hopping. I’ve used mosaic, simcoe, citra, azacca (?) and up to 12 oz. in a 5 gallon batch. Also used imperial dry hop yeast and...
  4. Nozomu

    Dealing with hop harshness in neipas

    Hey guys, been trying to brew neipas lately. I finally got the level of hop flavor i wanted, however it's the wrong sort of flavors. It's like just chewing straight into a hop pellet, super harsh and grassy. Can you guys give me any advice on getting fruitiness out of the hops instead?
  5. P

    Dry hopping techniques (Noob question)

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the noob question I was wondering about double dry hopping in a NEIPA Here's what I was gonna do. 1st dry hop at high Krausen (3-4 days into fermentation) 2nd dry hop about 5-7 days later for about 5 days before bottling/keg Im using hop pellets. Should I just dump...
  6. K

    Low O2 keg transfer issue and help with hop pickup

    I was attempting to do a low oxygen transfer from carboy to keg using my ss racking cane and liquid in through the dip tube. I was even using a BIAB around the cane to avoid excess hop material in the keg when about half way through the transfer, liquid stopped. Tried moving the cane, bag, post...
  7. C

    Temperature after fermentation on NEIPA

    Newbie question here. Brewing a NEIPA. After full fermentation, whats the recommended temperature during the dry hopping process?