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  1. M

    Infection after 2weeks in bottles?

    At least two batches taste great at bottling day and develop "off flavours" after 2 week of bottle conditioning. I brewed pinapple ipa and raspberry philly sour. All tasted great from the FV. Added fruit in the end of fermentation. At bottling day both tasted fine. After 5 days in bottles i...
  2. M

    Aften one year of brewing i finally joined

    Hello everyone I accidentaly started brewing 1+ year ago. This forum has been great help along the way. Even tho i havent commented or asked myself you have given me valuable information. So I signed up to say thank you to you all. About me and my brews: I have made around 30+ batches. Mostly...
  3. _Keven

    Had the bottle conditioning on its side, Is this all yeast of something else?

    Sorry if the image is a bit big, I compressed it down and its still massive lol FYI this is my first home brew ever so I’m very new to this. Also I now know it’s not recommended to bottle condition on the bottles side. We did use a secondary fermenter and it came out quite clean, so I’m shocked...
  4. I

    Fermentation, conditioning, carbonating of extract beers

    Hey guys, I am new to homebrewing and self-taught (from the internet) and I have some questions. I just started an English porter from an extract recipe in primary fermentation a few days ago. Do extract beers behave differently from all grain beers as far as secondary fermentation/bottle...
  5. J

    No carbonation after 3 weeks

    This is my 5th batch. It is an extract recipe kit from More Beer (grapefruit IPA). Fermentation was weird. It bubbled lightly for four weeks, well past the time the recipe called for, and not like previous beers I have done. I added the prescribed corn sugar prior to bottling. It is now 3 weeks...
  6. MaxStout

    The "short & cool" dry hop method (Janish) - applied to bottle conditioning

    I've been thinking about dry hop creep, and have read Scott Janish's piece of doing a short and cool dry hop. I get the concept: cold-crash the beer to about 50F post-fermentation, add hops, package within a day or two. The idea is to keep the beer cool enough to minimize secondary fermentation...
  7. P

    Asking for a bottle bomb?

    I am going to make a mango-wheat beer that uses 2 quarts of Mango Nectar in a secondary fermentation vessel. Am I asking to make a bottle bomb if I prime this like a normal beer? My concern is, will the fruit nectar have sugars that will already carbonate in the bottle? Will adding additional...
  8. S

    Bottle Conditioning a Saison

    How long would be considered the minimum length of time for conditioning a bottled Saison? I’ve got a couple of batches using Belle Saison and one using BE-134 that I just packaged a few days ago. Was planning on giving them 3 weeks minimum.
  9. S

    Bottle Conditioning a Saison

    How long would be considered the minimum length of time for conditioning a bottled Saison? I’ve got a couple of batches using Belle Saison and one using BE-134 that I just packaged a few days ago. Was planning on giving them 3 weeks minimum.
  10. M

    WTF am I doing wrong??!!!

    I get as far as bottling day. I take my sample to get a final gravity reading ... then I drink my sample ... and I'm usually quite happy with the results. I then prime my bottles, fill my bottles, seal my bottles, store my bottles in a dark place at room temp for a couple of weeks. Then when I...
  11. J

    Can Conditioning

    Hi All, I am just wondering if you are able to can condition the same way as you would bottle condition. I've tried reading up on it online but it's just all dominated by bottle conditioning. If you are able, do you just apply the same principle as you would bottle conditioning, such as...
  12. eliastheodosis

    Bottling off a keg instead of bottle conditioning?

    Hey everyone, Maybe this question has been asked before but every time I Google this I get "kegging vs bottling" results and that's not really what I'm looking for here. I do small, stovetop BIAB batches. Mostly 3 gallon and lower so I can play around, experiment, and always have a variety of...
  13. B

    Bottling CO² Vol limits theory

    The reboot is never as good as the original. And I know this has been asked so many times. I'm here for a discussion about the following. I kind of wish this subject had previously received a definitive answer to the question. (I think it's important to say I'm in the UK and have access to...
  14. M

    Prolonged Cold Crash ... Is That Bad?

    I dropped the temp on my fermentation chamber to cold crash an Amber Ale on Friday afternoon. Dropped the temp to 1.5'C (~35'F). Normally it's like that for anywhere from 12-24 hrs and then I bottle. However, this time around life got in the way. It's now Tuesday and it's still sitting in cold...
  15. C

    scobys in my bottles

    Hello! I am new here. I would like to sell kombucha and jun in my small community but my bottles are growing small scobys. I would prefer not to sell the bottles with living scoby as i would like to make this part of my income since I lost my job to coronavirus and have not been able to find new...
  16. A

    Pasteurizing while bottle conditioning

    I am brewing cider and have traditionally left them still because it's easier than carbonating. But I've decided to try carbonating in the bottle. I've read a lot about people using the hot water method to kill of yeast and stop carbonation with some sweetness left. (I back-sweeten with apple...
  17. C

    Bottle Conditioning - Advice please!

    Maybe this has been asked before but I haven’t found a thread on it yet. About 12 days ago I bottled my Continental Saison (my second ever home-brew) and stored them in my cupboard at about room temp or just below. Today I moved them into the conservatory to keep cooler for about 3 weeks as per...
  18. E

    Bottle Conditioning Question - What to do?

    Hi All, I'm a relatively new homebrewer and I've got a question about a recent brew that's not carbonating. I brewed a brown ale on 21NOV. I pitched a full packet of S-04 into 2.5 gallons of wort. The OG was 1.059. On 24NOV, the gravity was 1.015. The fermentation occurred in a closet where...
  19. B

    Bottle conditioning yeast

    Hello, not sure if I should post here or the yeast section. I was hoping someone could help me out. I’m getting ready to brew a doppelbock and I will be bottle conditioning it. I was wondering if there was a way to get the classic larger chunks of yeast in the bottle of the bottle. Much kind...
  20. C

    Bottling and Kegging - The Best of Both Worlds

    Most of us homebrewers started out bottling our beers, some of us then decided to move on to kegging. Those who bottle claim that bottling is better for portability (bringing to parties, sharing with friends, entering competitions.) Those who keg claim that the time saved cleaning and filling...