5 lb down in the red after overnight?

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Aug 24, 2017
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Hmm. Two lagers on a "T", a Festbier (below) and German Pils in early lager. The Festbier has been at 9 psi for several weeks, but the Pils is getting it's first (slow, not force carbed) carbonation as it lagers over the next several weeks. The tank was filled yesterday. I don't recall what a "full fill" looks like but I was surprised to see the dial read only 800 psi. I sprayed Star-San everywhere but couldn't find any leak. I am using no keg grease and the gaskets may not be the newest. But again, no detectable leaks.

Yet this tank is here:

tank low.jpg

-any thoughts?

Lagering for one more month but really felt like a lager - so poured the Festbier.

festbier cu.jpg
Is the tank in the fridge?

You can weigh it against the tare weight on the cylinder to see how much is left.
800 psi would be fine if the cylinder was still a bit chilled from the fill process. But, now it's reading ~550 psi, and unless you're keeping that tank inside a kegerator/keezer this chart implies your cylinder is down to around ~15% of fill. I'd suspect the second keg or its connection is leaking...

Thanks guys. Yes, actually, the tank is in the fridge with the kegs, 34F. I'm trying to read your curve, thanks for that day_trippr. I imagine that's normal, then yes? (ps: Jst read the liquid/vapor phase chart. So I think we're good, yes? It would be reading 800ish at room temperature, and stay constant till near depletion - i.e., it should stay here at 550ish, till near depletion)? (OK - I see the normal fill range. Looks like it's spot on). Thanks much!