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Bob Mar

Sep 16, 2020
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This kegerator conversion was made with a CO2 line pass-through on the side that allows the 10-lb CO2 tank to be stored outside while providing space for up to four (4) 5-gallon kegs inside. The inner shelf maximizes "floor space" while still providing space above for taps and connections and storage underneath for growlers or bottles. It is temperature-controlled and has provided years of solid service. The entire set includes:
1x Large Fridge
1x Johnson Controls A419 Temperature Control Unit
1x 10-lb CO2 tank
1x Dual gauge regulator
1x 4 way manifold for easy airline management
3x external door-mounted tap handles with taps


Available in Santa Ana, CA 92705 for PICK-UP ONLY on Saturday, September 26. If multiple offers are received the person will the best offer with cash-in-hand on Saturday morning at 10 AM will take it home.
More photos available in Google Album: Hop Curious Brewing Supplies / Inventory

See other items available, will offer discounts if purchasing multiple items!
- Complete Homebrew Set Up - SS Brew Stand and all major equipment
- Extra Large Deep Freezer Ready for Kegerator Conversion
- Kegerator Tower Conversion Kit for mini to mid-size fridges (fridge not included)
- Mini CO2 Regulator Kit
- 2x CO2 Tank Regulators