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  1. teesherv

    Sold Kegerator / Keezer Parts

    So it looks like my whole keezer set up didn't sell, so maybe you just want the parts. Located in Elk Grove (just south of Sacramento), CA. I'm able to ship the CMB tap and manifold and am open to shipping the regulators without the tanks, too. Pics posted in hopefully the same order as the...
  2. The Brewed Palate

    For Sale Four tap keezer 4 sale

    500 OBO - pick up online in Elizabeth, NJ Built in 2015 Holds 4 corny kegs, but in its current set up can only have 3 on CO2 at a time. May need collar insulation and possibly a new interior co2 regulator in order to run more efficiently. Interior and exterior regulator included Tap...
  3. M

    FS: Talos 4 tap beer tower new

    I bought this hoping to build a keezer under a bar but I think that may be a ways away still. Hoping to sell for $260 + shipping. Local pickup would be preferred but there aren’t a ton of brewers in Utah ha. I’ll add photos shortly!
  4. Bob Mar

    3 Tap Full-Size Kegerator

    This kegerator conversion was made with a CO2 line pass-through on the side that allows the 10-lb CO2 tank to be stored outside while providing space for up to four (4) 5-gallon kegs inside. The inner shelf maximizes "floor space" while still providing space above for taps and connections and...
  5. StarredAnchorz

    Can I run two taps/one keg

    Good day home brewers. I am currently not a home brewer but just received my first kegerator! It has two taps but the beer I drink only comes in the short fat sizes and not tall skinny so I can only fit one keg at a time. Can I run one keg to both taps? If so how? And is there any negative...
  6. okiedog

    Tired of faucets?

    If you have the big bucks, you could get one of those Bottoms Up beer dispensers: http://www.bottomsupbeer.com/

    JSBULL's Keezer Build

    Well, this was my first metalworking and first woodworking project. I'm surprised the wife approved it, but it turned out well. Here's how it all went down. First, the finished product: So, I started by making a rolling base. I later had to find a way to cut it off because the swivel wheels...
  8. reddskinnfan

    Maryland QTY x 6 - Perlick 630SS - BRAND NEW!

    I have 6 x Perlick 630SS faucets, brand new! I am willing to sell them for $35/each, or all 6 for $200. First come, first served.