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  1. C

    Diacetyl rest or longer primary?

    I have a slightly modded version of Ed's Haus Ale in primary right now. Through the most active few days it was fermenting at 64*F, but as activity decreased it has dropped to 61*F and may drop further because the basement closet where I ferment is a pretty cool spot (usually around 55 ambient...
  2. Breuckelen

    Small space tempurature control

    I live and brew in Brooklyn, NY - it goes without saying space for anything is at a premium in NYC. The only place I can keep my carboys is in my windowless office in the middle of the apartment. The only problem? It's always 80ºF in here regardless of season or the temperature of the other...
  3. lefty913

    Converted cooler mash tun question

    I just bought an generic 5 gal igloo container and converted it into a mash tun. I have been testing out the temperature control ability of this cooler by putting in a known volume of water at a specific temperature and letting it sit for an hour. To do so, I first add about 1 gal of 160...
  4. mvestel

    Ultimate Conical Fermenter design

    Hi, We have a home brew setup and want to improve the fermenter. We currently brew about 22 gallons, but hope to increase that to about 35gal soon. Or we will make two worts and transfer both to one fermenter. My goal is to build an ultimate fermenter. I’m looking for designs I...