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  1. S

    Long-Term Jockey Box project?

    Make the first post a doozie, eh? Here's a project I'm about to pull the trigger on, but thought I'd ask the experts first. I'll start with an introduction: So I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and enjoying the wisdom and experience on the forum. I'd brewed for a number of years...
  2. K

    Newbie Brewing - Getting Started

    I got started with home brewing like many others had, with small Mr. Beer kits, and moved on from there. Many think that brewing is expensive and simply not worth the time compared to simply buying from a store. My first 6 batches from Mr. Beer cost me roughly $45; let me see you get 6 cases of...
  3. K

    Newbie Brewing

    Before I bought my first Mr. Beer kit, homebrewing was not something I had given much thought to. I mean, I drank in my younger days, but not after I got married. I enjoyed a nice cocktail every once in a while, but rarely did I ever drink beer. This was mostly because I knew nothing of craft...
  4. K

    First brew underway

    Hello all, New to this hobby and I believe it suits me well. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and can’t function socially, for this hobby, all I need is myself. I’d love to work for a few years and develop skills further to potentially opening a local brewery but unless I had help I wouldn’t...
  5. J

    New guy working on his first batch

    Hey everyone, I'm a new member, and a new brewer(does that word apply to cider?) I got a very basic 1Gal kit from my wife as a birthday gift and popped my first batch in on Saturday. It was just simple apple juice (from concentrate, but no other ingredients, not refrigerated) and kit-provided...
  6. JstnMoyer

    Weird OG readings with topped-off extract wort

    Has anyone come across this weird OG issue with topped-off partial boil wort? Just brewed my second partial boil extract batch yesterday. I chilled my concentrated wort and added to glass carboy (2.5 gallons) and topped it off with water getting it to 5 gallons. I aerated more by...
  7. Cameron Engelbrecht

    Storing Dry Yeast

    Hello! I am very new to home brewing. I recently bought dry yeast from northern brewer that is designed to be pitched in a five gallon batch. However, I am only brewing 1 gallon batches at the moment. Is there a way I can store the unused yeast after I open the package without contaminating it...
  8. Washington_Brewologist

    A couple of options... Need some advice. Pictures included!

    I want to start by saying that I'm in the process of getting a fridge big enough so that I can get on board with this whole temperature controlled fermentation thing. My last 4 or 5 beers have been good, but I feel like the subtle off flavors that I pick up can only be due to my: Set it in the...
  9. Washington_Brewologist

    Should I harvest the entire yeast cake?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I've just kegged an IPA that has been sitting in the primary for 2 1/2 weeks and I'd like to try and save some money by harvesting the yeast. At the moment I've got about 1 or 2 inches of green beer sitting on top of about 5 fingers worth of trub in a 6-gallon...
  10. HomeBrewMasterRace

    All grain hefeweizwn- yeast question

    Hi everyone, I'm currently fermentating an all grain hefeweizen that's 5 lb wheat, 2 lb Munich malt and 4 lbs pilsner. I wanted to ask a question about my yeast as it's the WLP 300. Original gravity was 1.052 I currently have my 5lb fermentater in a swamp cooler and the temps are 62, I know...
  11. B

    Reducing Yeast in Lager using Coopers Extract

    Hello all, First post, and second time brewing. My first ever home brew Lager came out about 2 months ago and I'm in need of some advice on how to improve it. I made a few mistakes first time around (put 2 types of yeast, one lager and one ale and totally didn't add nearly enough sugar for...
  12. thisissami

    Whooops... sanitization + cider question

    Hi Everybody! I'm fermenting my first batch of cider right now, and ****ed up my sanitization in a number of ways. The primary way in which I screwed up was that I felt weird about pouring my fresh apple juice (that I juiced myself!) into containers full of sanitary foam, and accordingly...
  13. M

    First Mead Log

    Fellow mead lovers, The purpose of this post is you show all you pros the process I’ve used to get my first mead started (first ferment ever actually) and just hopefully get some feedback and tips. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and can give me some advice for future batches. So I started with...
  14. triethylborane

    Odd 13 Brewing n00b (noob) clone - NEIPA

    This is one of my favorites and I regularly stock it in my beer fridge. Availability can be spotty, though Odd 13 did expand their production facility and supply gaps seem to be occurring less frequently; regardless, I think a clone is in order. Odd 13's production brewmaster worked at...
  15. LoneTreeFarms

    Apple-Cherry wine questions

    Hi all, new to the site and to the exciting world of wine making. My neighbor and I recently started our first batch, a 6 gallon batch of Old Orchard apple cherry wine. I followed the recipe on jack keller's website. Tonight we did our first racking from the primary fermenter to the secondary...