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Feb 19, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently fermentating an all grain hefeweizen that's 5 lb wheat, 2 lb Munich malt and 4 lbs pilsner. I wanted to ask a question about my yeast as it's the WLP 300. Original gravity was 1.052

I currently have my 5lb fermentater in a swamp cooler and the temps are 62, I know this is a prime for some styles but I am thinking this may start a slower fermentation.

My question is, would it be better to leave this yeast at room temperature (between 72-76) or have it slightly colder than the recommended fermentation temps?

Thanks, I don't have much experience outside of Belgian Strong Ales and Pale Ales, some of which love a bit warmer fermentation.
It depends on what you like. You'll mute the esters more with cooler ferm-temps and let the phenols come out more. 300 isn't known for throwing out a bunch of esters like 3068 does, just out of the box without any tricks. Maybe you'd want to take that into consideration too.
I just pitched WLP300 in 7lbs white wheat and 4 lbs 2-row. I am going with 68 degrees for 4 days then raising to 72 to let it clean up. Hoping for some clove/banana but not overwhelming and figured that was a good starting point.
I ferment my WLP300 weizens @ 62F for 3 days then finish out @ about 68-70. Plenty of both clove & banana, never any issues.
I used .5 oz of Hallertau 4.2% AA at 45 min and .25 oz of same at 15...beersmith said 9.7 IBU...using Ed Wort's recipe.
Personally I’d go 66 for a week and raise to 68 for a second week. The great thing about Hefeweizen is that the yeast works well at different temp ranges. I’m personly going to try G01 next instead of my usual wlp300 just to see what it does . Happy brewing !
Just kegged my batch, the WLP300 got it down to 1.010 and when I built the starter it probably had the most krausen any starter I have made.

The clove was present in the sample I tasted at the end with nothing of banana...but the beer is only 8 days old and not carbed so will see how it develops after resting in the keg for 1-2 weeks.

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