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  1. J

    How does the addition of boiling water to a mash (infusion) not scorch the grains?

    Hey all, I don't have a ton of experience with infusion mashes; I've done them once or twice with mixed results. I'm planning on brewing a Czech pilsner this weekend with the following mash schedule: Step 1: 146F for 35 minutes. 9.52 quarts strike 160F (1.12 qt/lb using 8.5# grain). Step 2...
  2. H

    Please HELP with harsh bitterness/astringency/tongue drying issue.

    Hey all, Been consistently getting a rather harsh bitterness to pretty much all of my all grain batches, regardless of recipe. The sort that isn't all too detectable with friends but is a huge deal to the brewer. It is the main thing separating my beers from decent to great and it is KILLING...
  3. F

    Mash Technique

    Hi brewers, I’m fairly new to all grain brewing. To that note I wanted to share my mash technique. Over the weekend I decided to brew a honey rye ipa (yum) I mashed 5 gallons of water at the right temperature for an hour, drained the wort. I reheated an additional extra 2.5 gallons and...
  4. frankvw

    Why does water harness lower the mash pH?

    In his latest edition of How to Brew, John Palmer writes (on page 338): "Water hardness helps lower mash pH, and water alkalinity raises mash pH." While I understand alkalinity and the way it makes water resist pH changes when mixed with acid (or malt), I am not sure how water hardness helps...
  5. BandonBrewingCo

    Mash Recirc and grain bed compression

    Hi, I've got a 15G SS Brewtech kettle with false bottom on an induction heater. I've got a 12V pump recircing the mash but it seems to be murdering my conversion effeciency. So i gave the grain bed a poke and it is very, very compact. Not at all compact enough to stop flow mind you, I'm just...
  6. A

    California Full home brew setup, all grain.

    Long time lurker, sad to say this is my first post. Selling all of my equipment, moving into a smaller place and will have no more room to homebrew. 3 glass big mouth bubblers with harnesses, one 6.5 gallon the other two are 5 gallon. Bottle drying tree with tons of bottles. Bruery bottles...
  7. J

    Mineral loss from mash to kettle? Mash and kettle additions?

    Hey all, I have some questions and concerns about my water chemistry and/or water treatment process, and I haven't been able to find any solid answers via search. Anyway... I currently treat my relatively soft, relatively alkaline water with salts and lactic acid in the mash. I treat my sparge...
  8. deBREWler

    Long Recirculating Mash Question

    Has anyone experimented with the idea of mashing for 2+ hours? Long story short, I can't lock myself in my garage or basement for a proper brew day so I've been brainstorming ways to modify my brew day to accommodate my family and children's needs. My HEX (standalone HERMS) will maintain...
  9. S

    Optimization of HERMS Coil Length

    So I stumbled across this article the other day: https://www.brewpi.com/what-is-ideal-herms-coil-length-theory-experiments/ The further I got into the article the more the analysis motivated me to do my own. They neglect some of the true physics at play and treat many variables as fixed...
  10. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Wanted: Sour beer lovers to taste a sour mash beer

    I want some true sour beer lovers to taste my Sour Cherry Crick. So if you'd like to taste this Sour Mash, Oak-fermented Cherry wheat ale, (imitation Kriek), I'm open to trades for other homebrews or craft brews. Anyone interested either contact me on here or email at [email protected]
  11. N

    What Scale do all-grain brewers recommend?

    I am getting together all the equiptment needed to brew my first all-grain brew. I have been looking on Amazon and ebay for a digital scale but don't want to buy the wrong one. Since I will be weighing mostly grains, do I need a scale with some type of container or bowl on the scale to hold the...
  12. D

    San Diego, CA Water Profile

    Hello, I have noticed quite a few brewers in the San Diego area. Does anyone have a water profile handy for San Diego? The last one available online seems to be from 2008 and does not give Calcium or Magnesium or Bicarbonate... Thanks! Scott
  13. SteinBrew

    The Mash/Sparge Conundrum

    I have been brewing all-grain for a couple years now. After a multitude of batches - spent learning and experimenting - I have reached the point where I am ready to gain understanding and insight into every aspect of the beer-making process. Simply, I have become a proud lover of everything beer...