TOAST style Beer brewed with fresh bread

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Brown Man Loves Beer
Dec 8, 2017
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Brooklyn, NY
Hello all! I had a quick question for you guys. I was wondering if anyone had tried doing this recipe before from TOAST brewery (the recipe is at the bottom of the page). They're the guys who make all their beer from recycled bread. My wife is a baker and we have lots of extra bread around the house and I wanted to try something similar.

I booted their recipe into Brewtoad and wanted to make sure I was scaling this correctly or if you guys think there is a possibly better way to go about this. Have any of you made a beer using bread in the mash before?
I think it’s called kvass. Michael Tonsmeire talked about it in an episode of basic brewing radio but I can’t find the episode.
I have never tried it. I would drink it if someone else made it but I don’t really have an urge to make one myself.

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