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  1. G

    Double mash full grain for 120 minutes?

    I came up with an idea to raise my efficiency a bit, using BIAB method. What if I mash for 60 minutes with regular grain/water ratio, then instead of sparging, empty the mash tun and refill with the same amount of water and mash out after another 60 minutes? Then squeeze the heck out of the bag...
  2. A

    Mash....did i mess up or am i good?

    I got so excited that i figure out about brewing that i jumped in and made an uh-oh, or did i? when doing the mash, instead of heating the water to 165+ and putting in my grain. i put the grain in with the water at 80 and heated to 165+... did i just waste time or can something productive...
  3. W

    brewing using bread

    Has anyone ever brewed using bread? I've heard it can be done by just adding the bread to the mash and i can't see why that wouldn't work and add sugar to the wort? I would use left over sourdough ideally as i can get that from where i work, would the sourdough yeast have any effect? in my mind...
  4. beervoid

    Extra fine milling plus rice hulls is higher efficiency?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if milling finer then normal what would lead to better extraction but less efficiency as too finely milled grains can cause a stuck mash. What if one would counter this by adding rice hulls? Would this give a better efficiency in the end? Cheerz
  5. beervoid

    My experience using Mash Made Easy

    I just finished my first mash using MME from member Silver_Is_Money I can say it hit my nrs spot on. Predicted PH was 5.42 and meassured PH after mashing was 5.41 My grainbill was for a NEIPA with approx 20% flaked adjuncts. It seems it takes the oats and wheat additions into the right...
  6. beervoid

    Mash thickness, stuck mash and rice hulls on grainfather, ace, klarstein

    Hello everyone, I've recently started brewing bigger batches on a grainfather like system but i'm running into problems with a stuck mash. My current water to grain ratio is on the low end if i'm correct (about 2.5liters per KG). Total grain bill is about 12kg and I have only 30 liters in my...
  7. Wuzabear

    Recirculating eBIAB Questions

    I have been very happy with my eBIAB setup to date. I have decided to upgrade my system with a pump to recirculate during the mash and whirlpool, and have a few logistical questions that I cannot seem to find the answer to. 1. When you are done with the mash, do you leave the wort in the lines...
  8. W

    Help with BIAB recipe

    I am going to brew this recipe https://beerandbrewing.com/thresher-coffee-saison-recipe/ (also here https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/680127/thresher-coffee-saison ) but it is quite vague, on sparging especially with the second link not mentioning it at all. can anyone help me...
  9. tch330

    50 Gallon Colorado Brewing Mash Basket

    New. Measures 22" diameter by 22" tall. $400 Prefer Local Pickup but will ship at buyer's expense.
  10. abdominousabel

    My Mash Tun for a 3gal batch?

    So I switched to all grain brewing and I made a 15gal mash tun out of a wheeled square cooler because I want to have the potential to make 10gal batches. The other day I tasted a milk stout and loved it! So now I wanna make a 2.5gal keg of it. So that would be a ~4gal boil. Can I use my mash...
  11. Washington_Brewologist

    Mash PH question.

    I'm getting ready to brew a really hoppy pale ale today and have a few questions about my mash PH. In beersmith, after all of my mineral additions, it says that my est. Mash PH will be 5.53. I know that the recommended range is 5.2-5.6. Will my mash PH be increasing over the duration of the...
  12. Washington_Brewologist

    I'm using EZ water and have a question about mash PH.

    So I'm trying to start using brewing salts on brew day and started using the EZ water spreadsheet alongside beersmith to help guide me. I seem to have everything worked out in terms of which salts to add and their quantities. I'm wondering if you guys agree with the dude at my LHBS when he said...
  13. Mechengr

    Grain getting through false bottom

    Hey all! I've been a homebrewer for about 12 years, all-grain for 6. I've been a longtime user of this site but have never posted because I could usually find my answers! However, this time I have struggled to find a good answer for my specific problem. This is a 5 gal batch setup using 8...
  14. T

    Forgot to take an OG reading...any hopes at reverse-calculating?

    I brewed a beer last night, and in the haste of trying to finish up and get everything cleaned before it got too late I forgot to take an OG reading. However, I did take gravity readings of first runnings from the mash and last runnings (stupidly not the mixed wort pre-boil). I had hoped to...
  15. tch330

    Ohio Brew Boss 20 Gallon COFI Mash Basket

    COFI mash basket for 20 gallon kettle. Asking $425, includes COFI basket, elbow, tubing and female cam lock as pictured *Prefer local pick up*.IMG_5386 by tch330 posted Jun 6, 2018 at 3:43 AMIMG_5387 by tch330 posted Jun 6, 2018 at 3:43 AM
  16. Opiate42

    Mash Tun Size for 25 Gallon Batches?

    Hey Folks! So I'm terrible at searching (and that maths thingy) and sure this has been answered somewhere already. But have a question on mash tun size. We're looking to upgrade to 20-25 gallon batches using a stainless steel mash tun and currently have a 70qt coleman cooler as a mash tun...
  17. exaideum

    TOAST style Beer brewed with fresh bread

    Hello all! I had a quick question for you guys. I was wondering if anyone had tried doing this recipe before from TOAST brewery (the recipe is at the bottom of the page). They're the guys who make all their beer from recycled bread. My wife is a baker and we have lots of extra bread around the...
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Mash Tun choices

    Hi All, I was contemplating making or buying a mash tun. I have watched various videos and done a little research in regards to making a mash tun. However, it seems like it is simple to do, however the bottom filter that you get doesn't look as though it'd be as effective or easy to clean as...
  19. F

    Mash temperature and dextrins

    Hi! I have a question regarding mash temperature. Usually I do a single infusion mash at 153F but recently I tried doing a rest at 147F for 60 min and then a rest at 158F for 20 minutes. After I had done this, I was wondering if the low mash temperature rest was too long for the high...
  20. devils4ever

    Koslch Mash Temp Mistake

    Just when I thought I had my HERMS system down solid, I made a mistake. I was planning on mashing my Koslch at 150F for 90 minutes. I set my temperature to 158F knowing I get about an 8F drop. So, I add my grist and got to 150F on the button. BUT...I forgot to lower the temp immediately. The...