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  1. Benman37

    For Sale EUGENE, OR - Complete Stainless All-Grain Brewing Setup - $800

    I have an entire stainless steel system for homebrewing all-grain beer made by SS Brewtech, Blichmann Engineering, Bayou Classic, Fermentap, etc. Unfortunately I need to part with my system for personal reasons. This whole setup has everything you need to brew from scratch from start to finish...
  2. Closet Fermenter

    Strikewater volume?

    I have been wondering about strikewater volume. I have brewed off/on for 30+ years, but more seriously and regularly in the past half dozen when I switched to all-grain. I have followed a guide I found somewhere that suggests using 1.5 quarts water/ lb grain for mashing. Typically, I need a...
  3. S

    For Sale Brewha Medium Wedge Wire Mash Colander (St Louis Mo)

    Medium Brewha wedge wire mash colander for Medium Brewha brewing vessel. Also have used it with a 15g Spike brew kettle. Works great and includes all original parts shown, I just don’t brew as much and when I do I make smaller 3 gallon batches. Live in the St Louis region. $1049 before...
  4. P

    Specialty grains contribution to OG

    Hi, I am looking forward to make an imperial stout and have been playing with BrewFather to plan this recipe. For the curious, the recipe ask for : 1.5 lbs of chocolate malt, 1.5 lbs of roasted barley, 1 lb of carafe special III, 0.5 lb of extra dark crystal The specialty grains are added to...
  5. R

    For Sale Complete HERMS Brewing System

    Selling a complete HERMS electric home brewing system. Included are 30amp electric brew supply control panel, 20 gal SS Brewtech brew Kettle, 20gal SS Brewtech HLT, 15gal SS Brewtech Mash-tun, stainless brew stand, (3) 15amp brew pumps, 7 & 14gal SS Brewtech chronical fermenters, upright...
  6. micraftbeer

    Tweaked my Mash Process- Interesting Foam Observation

    I've been reading a bit about LODO processes lately. I already do closed transfers into purged kegs, but I haven't paid any attention to the hot side really. Keeping in mind minimizing oxygen pickup, I changed from using this Brewtech vourlaf attachment during RIMS recirculation to using a...
  7. gallons-walters

    For Sale Downsized to new system - Electric 20 gallon HERMS systems available

    We moved and downsized, so I no longer have a dedicated brewing room. While still brewing, went the route of a little more portable all-in-one system. Thus, the following system is for sale. Electric HERMS system with 20 gallon Bru Gear pots with TC-clamps / connections and site guides on the...
  8. javert

    Turbid beer: is the extract or the malt the culprit?

    Hi brewers. I've recently changed a barleywine recipe from Great Western Malting's Premium Two Row malt to Avangard's Pilsen Malt and from brown sugar addition at boil to Briess's Pilsen Light DME (I use a bit of Crystal 120 malt to add color just as before). To my dismay, the last two batches...
  9. T

    Broken thermometer --> Too low mash what?

    Hi there, relatively new brewer but experienced cook and fermentation enthusiast. I'm doing BIAB and I've got a 35L Klarstein kettle with a built in thermometer, which seems to have kicked the bucket much sooner than it should have. This is something I noticed in my last brew when the...
  10. M

    Shower type spray nozzle for lock line

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a solution to hook up what I attached. It's the end of a mega pot sparge contraption. I'd like to find a way to attach it to the open end of a lock line. Has anyone figured this one out yet? Thanks ahead of time
  11. H

    fermentable sugars in my sourdough bread

    Hey y’all! Not sure if I should post this in the fermentation/yeast section or the mash section. Sorry if this is the wrong place. I have a question about fermentable sugars in my sourdough bread to use in a single grain (sourdough bread) brew. I’m gonna try my hand at a Kvass basically. All...
  12. Arbe0


    I am about to try out the Westvleteren 12 with candi syrup (D-180). Many people have suggested putting the D-180 in at the last of the boil, If I do this should I figure my mash water to only be using the Pilsner and Pale malts or should I include the D-180 even though I am using it in the boil...
  13. F

    Dough Balls & Mashing

    No this isn’t an anti-Pilsburry Doughboy post, lord knows we could all use with a couple more of those crescent rolls in our lives. No this is about those balls of crushed grain that form in your mash tun when you’re setting up to have a perfect brew day. The ones that sit there and bob around...
  14. G

    The Efficient Brewer

    Why is my efficiency so low? Can someone explain my efficiency? I thought I understood efficiency. These statements are just some examples of the many threads relating to efficiency that I have seen on HomeBrewTalk. It would seem the forum is replete with individuals scratching their noodles in...
  15. A

    Small And Cheap Steps

    Like many, I started my brewing hobby using extract kits. I started when I hit the legal age (18 in the UK) and made it an annual tradition to brew a Christmas beer. I had an old jam making pot (about 7 pints), a fermenting bin and a pressure barrel, all of which were acquired off my dad. He...
  16. S

    Using a “Tempering Wand” for the best control of your strike water temp

    I’ll try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. For the last ten years of homebrewing I’ve been controlling the temperature of my strike water with a flame under a pot. For the last five years of professional brewing I’ve been controlling the strike water with a tempering water valve which...
  17. kvnc

    Complete insanity RIMS Recirculation

    So I was step mashing using a RIMS system. Took the beer from protein rest at 131 for 20 min to 145 for initial sac rest. let it sit at 145 w/ recirculation on for 25 min. Checked the wort, everything was pretty good so far, i was seeing 1.055 gravity and color was nice, if not slightly paler...
  18. D

    Negatives of Low Mash Efficiency

    Besides having to spend a little more money on grains to make up for a low mash efficiency, are there any other downsides to having a low efficiency? EDIT: I use BIAB with double milled grains and get ~80% which is typical. I just wanted to see what the reasons are for trying to bump the % up...
  19. Lilum

    Batch Sparge Mash vs. Triple Decoction?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and new to homebrewing. Lemme give a little backstory first. Until 3 months ago, I was living in Germany as an au pair, which gave me an opportunity to try many different incredible beers. During my stay, my all time favorite was by far the Füchschen Alt, or Altbier...
  20. K

    Michigan Picobrew Zymatic for Sale - Automated brewing appliance $700

    I'm selling my much loved Picobrew Zymatic. This is the best appliance out there for true hands-off and repeatable brews. Never miss a temperature zone or hop addition time again! The device has been used and well cared for. This appliance will automate the wort making process of brewing and I...