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  1. D

    I made a Raw Ale, No boil beer with no hops until dry hopping.

    Heres my video off my raw ale: Anyone else made or hade a raw ale before?
  2. Evfk

    Carbonation level for Kveik

    I'm brewing with kveik for the first time, and while I'm not trying to strictly follow any traditional formula, I was wondering about what typical carbonation levels are for kveik. My understanding is that the Norwegian farmhouse style tends to be pretty low carbonation, or even still. Is there...
  3. ca_baracus

    Recipe Critique: Hazyish IPA with Kveik Yeast

    Hey Guys, Here's what I'm thinking for my next brew. Really want to try out Omega Hordnindal yeast due to the fruity esters it gives off. I'm kind of thinking a Trillium Congress Street feel with the Columbus to help balance out the yeast and fruitiness of the Galaxy. Hoping for a fruity, dank...
  4. shoreman

    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    I picked this yeast up in the spring and finally got around to brewing with it. I had a double brew session in which I brewed my Allgash-influenced Wit with my Belgian strain and then a Hoppy Session Pale with azacca, equinox & southern cross. Super hot brew day and I was over it by the end of...
  5. cheesechoker

    Bottle conditioning highly flocculant yeast (Kveik)

    I'm brewing an IPA using a Hornindal Kveik blend from Escarpment Laboratories. Targeting 6.5-7% ABV. No cold crash (the fermenter won't fit in my fridge). My concern is, this yeast is very high flocculation. In both the package I got from the lab, and the starter I made, the yeast basically...