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  1. jayjay

    Looking for some good Kveik Recipes

    Hi all I am quite new to homebrewing and have recently started looking into the kveik yeast strains which seem quite interesting, and seems like they would work well in the current summer heat. As such i would like to try some recipes utilizing this yeast, however i am having a hard time...
  2. T

    Voss Kveik Fermentation Temp Schedule

    Hey guys, I’m currently fermenting my beer with the Voss Kveik yeast strain, and holding temps at 40 deg C (104 F) with a heat blanket. Fermentation began within an hour (lots of CO2 out of airlock!) and has been going for 48 hours. Plan to rack off in 5 days. After fermentation is complete...
  3. Dale Owen

    Am I wild or crazy?

    I saw this video where these fellas fermented a beer with a log. So, I'm a total yeast guy when it comes to brewing and I check it out. That seemed interesting enough, but looking around on the interweb I came across information on wild yeast on certain fruits and then I came across kveik and...
  4. A

    Guidance on Kveik

    I posted this over on the General Discussion area but i haven't received any info like I thought i would. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/wlp518-opshaug-kveik.672957/ It's day 3 and the yeast has dropped of but it still looks like it super active. Will the yeast drop out like other...
  5. M

    Brewing a cyser with Voss kveik yeast from Omega; temperature question

    Hello mead heads, I’m getting some Voss kveik yeast from Omega yeast in Chicago. I want to make a cyser and the temp range on this one says 62-95 degrees F. However it also says best fermented hot! I do not have temp control equipment and my basement where it would be is 68 F. Can anybody tell...
  6. cactusgarrett

    RyePA Opinion

    Pure opinion question. What would play better in a RyePA with Green Bullet: Hornindal, Voss, (both Omega) or Oslo (BB)? I was planning on fermenting at a lower temp (75-80°F) and typical sacc-like pitch rates to achieve a (relatively) cleaner/more subtle yeast profile and make way for the rye...
  7. H

    Wit Beer Split: Whiteout vs Kveiking

    Had a bunch of cilantro go to seed this year so decided to make a wit beer. The coriander was a smaller seed than the kind I've bought at the homebrew store and taste a lot different as well. More citrusy, less of the somewhat meaty flavor coriander has... Wanted to make it interesting by...
  8. M

    what the kveik?

    Per usual my LHBS did not have the 1 thing I needed. This time it was the Omega Voss that was there 2 weeks prior. I rolled the dice and ordered dried Framgarden kveik and a kveik blend on etsy. I brewed a simple blonde ale to bring on vacation: 20lbs 2-row 2oz cascade @ 60 min 1oz cascade @...
  9. brewpharm Hill

    (NEIPA) Imperial Yeast - Kveiking

    I'm planning first brew with Kveik and decided to go with Imperial yeast's seasonal kveik blend called Kveiking. I'm brewing it in my NEIPA recipe. Other than fermenting warm, not pitching the whole pouch, and this finishing out in a few days does anyone have advice for a first time kveik...
  10. K

    Kveik: all things Opshaug strain version

    White Labs just released their Kveik Opshaug strain WLP518, and looks to be a core strain now. Thought it would be a good idea to consolidate a new "all things Opshaug" post that is easy to find. According to White Labs: this kveik strain was isolated from a mixed culture which belonged to...
  11. H

    Saison + Kveik Delay Pitch

    Been doing many beers with Kveik yeast lately, specifically been using what was previously "Eastern WA Kveik Blend" from Imperial and is now available as the seasonal "Kveiking." VLike the blend a lot; been using about 1 tsp of slurry per 5.5 gal batch and fermenting ~95-98F. This beer is...
  12. Saunassa

    Brewed my first from scratch recipe

    I brewed my first original recipe today and used Brewers friend to create it. I crushed all the grain myself which was not bad given It was 10.5# of grain. I am using Hornindal Kveik yeast and three different C hops plus balsam tips.
  13. H

    Kveik NEIPA w/ Cryo Dry Hopping

    Brewed a NEIPA on Memorial Day using a kveik blend from Imperial yeast. Process and recipe below. I'll be posting results in the coming weeks as well Grist: Pale ale 9.5# Chit 2.5# F. Oats 2.25# Acid 0.25# Rice hulls added to mash Mashed @ 150 Hops (full leaf): Columbus 0.5 oz - 30 mins...
  14. B

    How do I ferment warm when using kveik yeast?

    Hi HBT! I am quite interested in trying out kveik yeast. It seems to be all the rage. I've read that you should ferment them warm (18 C and up to 39 C or so). My question is this: Normally we want to keep the temperature of the fermentation vessel down - for this I have a temperature controlled...
  15. blackelbow

    Bootleg Biology Aurora Kveik

    Anyone else brewing with Bootleg Biology's new 'Aurora' strain? I bought a pack in their first pre-order for the strain and picked it up the other day. Today, I pitched it--at 95F--into a 1.055 wheat beer wort (made from DME, to skip the trouble of an all-grain brew when testing an unknown...
  16. duelerx

    Bootleg Biology OSLO

    I would like to start this thread for reports and experience of people using this yeast, according to BB Oslo is an unique Kveik yeast strain that is bottom-fermenting closely related to S. pastorianus, S. uvarum & S. bayanus and ferments at 98F/37C producing a beer that tasted like a nice...
  17. BilltownBrewingCo

    Voss Kveik

    Hey all! I am looking to build a recipe around some VK that i will have saved after I rack my current raspberry wheat and save it. I have done some reading, and I'm not sure I want to do the full blown juniper berry norweigian farmhouse ale, and I've got some WLP007 that I can do any PA or...
  18. BilltownBrewingCo

    "Nordic Princess" Raspberry Wheat

    Hello all. I am in the fermentation stage with this beer, despite not having a ton of info on Voss Kveik and the flavors it imparts in wheat beers. I also have not brewed with Raspberries in the past, and would like some advice. Just a bit about brew day- We hit our OG right on the button at...
  19. NicFarley

    Hornindal smells like eggs

    I recently purchased a pack of Omega Hornindal to use on a Kettle sour. I built a large starter to be able to save some of the yeast. The brew came out great so I wanted to do the same thing again. Built my 1.036 1L starter, added 1tsp of slurry and left it on the stir plate @73*. Started seeing...
  20. TNJake

    Wanting to try something new. Kveik anyone?

    I'm interested in giving one of these stands a try, probably the Voss but I think they all are interesting. I've heard people doing IPAs and such but what about something quite a bit different. Perhaps a Gose or berliner weisse? If anyone has some other experience with kveik strains I'd love to...