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For Sale [NW Arkansas] Brewha 90L/24Gal Brew In A Conical (BIAC) and accessories

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Dec 28, 2010
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For Sale: Brewha 90L/24Gal Brew-In-A-Conical (BIAC) and accessories
Asking $2000

This is a great system which has given me years of faithful service owing to its excellent build quality, but the time has come for me to part with it. I have too many competing interests these days, and this is simply too much system for me for where I’m at in life. So it goes…

See Google Sheets for full part list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jVZrCiSfBrkpaCCXOsg0g7UgRewBxQQDML63mvC5s9k/edit?usp=sharing

Pictures - click thumbnails for large versions:
Glamour shot

Family photo of accessories

Mash colander w/lid

Mash colander interior

Closeup of underside of mash colander showing wedge-wire

Hoses and barbs

Pump and spare head

Note: This system does NOT include a controller for the heating element or any temperature probes. Buyer is responsible for sourcing a suitable controller. Extension cords for heating element assembly and pump are also NOT included.

System was purchased new in 2016 and is being sold now as-is. Buyer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Safety articles located here prior to operation of the system: https://brewhaequipment.com/blogs/how-to-brew-beer/tagged/safety

Overview of the Brewha BIAC system available here: https://brewhaequipment.com/products/biac-all-in-one-brewing-system-package

This size system with basic accessory kit plus upgrade to wedge-wire mash colander would be approximately $5450 new.

These are the Basic Accessories NOT included in this offering:

-Power control box

-Temperature Control Valve

-March Pump

-Electronic Temperature Controller

-Hop Basket

Paying full retail to complete the missing pieces of the standard accessory kit would run approximately $1450 and I’ve taken this into consideration when formulating my asking price.

There may be more affordable controller solutions out there or you may choose to build your own; I built my own custom panel to control this system as well as other things in my shop… which is why my panel is NOT for sale, and I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

You'll note the heating element shows signs of use and the tip is slightly scorched from the beginnings of a single dry-fire event; power was cut immediately and this flaw is cosmetic in nature only. The element still works just fine.

Please note also that many of the barbs included in this offering are currently attached to hoses. I will leave it to the buyer to decide whether to use the hoses in their current condition. You can see some of them have become discolored through use. They’re all braided silicone except one which is braided vinyl (intended for jacket chill water/glycol). I recognize that a buyer may wish to replace some or all of the hoses and therefore I’ve not included the hoses in the overall valuation of the listing.

As a further gesture of good faith I’ve also not included the value of the Chugger Pump in the asking price as I believe this model has been discontinued and sourcing spare parts for it may prove difficult. I’m including a spare pump head as well and this has also been left out of the asking price for this kit.

Local pickup in Northwest Arkansas only. Feel free to contact me with questions or requests for additional photos, or to arrange inspection of equipment prior to purchase.

To reflect that it’s a five-year old system (albeit in great condition) and that not all accessories are included, I’m asking $2000. Make me an offer!

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