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  1. micraftbeer

    Data from Small Mash Efficiency Experiments

    I recently moved from a single vessel eBIAB set-up to a 2-vessel set-up with one kettle a standard Mash Tun (MT) with no heating element, and the other my Boil Kettle (BK) that I was using just for boiling. My efficiency numbers were coming in lower than I expected so I set up a small...
  2. beervoid

    Avarage efficiency of a 1.070 og batch

    Hey all, Been struggling to get over 62% brewhouse efficiency of a 1.070 og batch. What are your brew house efficiencies for such a higher gravity batch? EDIT: I'm using a 50L grainfather/robobrew like system.
  3. beervoid

    Extra fine milling plus rice hulls is higher efficiency?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if milling finer then normal what would lead to better extraction but less efficiency as too finely milled grains can cause a stuck mash. What if one would counter this by adding rice hulls? Would this give a better efficiency in the end? Cheerz
  4. beervoid

    Changing Trub loss in Beersmith results in more water but doesn't lower OG?

    Hello, Why is it that when I raise the trub loss amount in the beersmith water needed tab my sparge water amounts go up but my predicted OG stays the same?
  5. S

    Efficiency all over the place on my new gravity rig

    Hey everyone, I made the switch to allgrain brewing a few months ago, and just brewed my 4th batch on it. It is a 5 gallon igloo HLT, 10 gallon Igloo Mash tun with false bottom, and then either my kettle or keggle. My first batch was a stout, which I got 50% efficiency on. I figured I fly...
  6. L

    New mash tun, efficiency problems

    Hi. So I did a 3 gallon batch yesterday with my new mash tun but had two problems: one, if I did my calculations right (which i think I did), I only got about 47% efficiency; two, the wort was cloudy and full of tiny bits when I drained the mash and during the sparge. I built my tun according...
  7. Figgy15

    2 Vessel System Efficiency Issue

    Hello my fellow brewers!!!! Hoping for some guidance. I recently changed my brewing system and went with a single tier, 2 vessel (1 HLT/Boil with heating element, 1 Mash Tun, 1 pump) DIY electric system. It's very similar to the one used in this video: . In doing my research, I did see...
  8. W

    Another BIAB Efficiency Issue Thread

    Sorry to bother you guys with another BIAB efficiency issue, but I need help figuring out why I’m only ever getting 50% brewhouse efficiency. When I first started brewing 10 batches ago I was doing a lot wrong which on average gave me 50% eff. But since then, using a lot of troubleshooting...
  9. Washington_Brewologist

    Stay with BIAB... Or move on to "Regular" all grain brewing?

    Due to space and inexperience, I quickly gravitated towards the BIAB method and grabbed myself a 10-gallon kettle and a bayou classic burner. I have about 10 brew days with the BIAB system under my belt and can't complain about the results. My question is one that most homebrewers probably go...
  10. T

    Forgot to take an OG reading...any hopes at reverse-calculating?

    I brewed a beer last night, and in the haste of trying to finish up and get everything cleaned before it got too late I forgot to take an OG reading. However, I did take gravity readings of first runnings from the mash and last runnings (stupidly not the mixed wort pre-boil). I had hoped to...
  11. beervoid

    Efficiency problems, influence of flaked wheat and oats.

    Hey everyone. So I brewed a belgium wit the other day with a OG of 1.050 which I finally hit for the first time with my equipment set up. The grist consisted of rougly 15% wheat malt, 15% flaked wheat and 20% flaked oats.. the rest was pale malt and some dextrine. My next brew I was aiming for...
  12. R

    Batch Sparging. What's your efficiency?

    I have been brewing for a few years and now really trying to be as efficient and consistent in my brewing as possible. With that said, I do batch sparging by rinsing the grains once, and during the mash have my water way above my grain bed (I am now aware that I only want my water to be a couple...
  13. OldRalHoleBrewing

    All Home-roast Amber Ale Tutorial

    Taken from this site: http://www.bunkerbrewing.blogspot.com So here's a new experiment: an amber ale with only home-toasted grains. Referencing this site on home roasting grains, I roasted 1 pound of Gold malt, and one 1 pound of Amber malt. Here's the grain bill: Home-Roast Nestok...
  14. RushN24

    I know, RDWHAHB, but...

    Ok I did my first partial mash today and everything seemed to go fine until the end; I missed my target gravity by a pretty fair amount. I mashed 4.75 lbs of grain (3lbsMO, 1lbs Crystal 20, and .75 biscuit) with 5.94 qts of water at 154 for 60 mins, batch sparged and came out with 2.35...