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Jan 27, 2010
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Southern Ohia
Taken from this site:

So here's a new experiment: an amber ale with only home-toasted grains. Referencing this site on home roasting grains,
I roasted 1 pound of Gold malt, and one 1 pound of Amber malt. Here's the grain bill:

Home-Roast Nestok Amber Ale
OG: 1.044
FG: We'll see!

-7 lb Pale 2-row
-1 lb Home-toasted Amber
-1 lb Home-toasted Gold
Go here to learn how to toast your own grains

-0.5 oz Cascade 7.5% 60 min
-0.5 oz Cascade 7.5% 30 min

Fermentis Safbrew S-33

-2 g Servomyces yeast nutrient 15 min
-1 tsp Irish Moss 15 min

We heated 2.5 gallons of strike water to 167F, to achieve a mash temperature of 148F. Pour in those milled grains!

Stir that stuff up good, break up any clumps.

Then we wrap it with a towel, and mash for an hour. Enjoy a homebrew at this time, or a good craft beer if you're out at the moment.

On a side note, I've gotta say, I love Cascade hops. We buy them by the pound! Very cheap at Brewtensils.

60 minutes of mashing, and we ended up a little above 140F. Then we remove the swollen grain bag,

Pour into a bucket,

And heat 2 gallons of sparge water to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

We sparged for 20 minutes, then removed the grain bag to a drip bucket, for adding any drippings later in the boil; gotta get all that malty goodness!

Get that sucker boiling, stove on high,

and add the first half ounce of Cascade hops.

30 minutes into the boil, we added the rest of the Cascade hops, in a muslin bag.

At 45 minutes we added the Servomyces and Irish moss, a fining agent. Then after the full hour boil, we shut the stove off, made an ice water bath, and cooled. Remember to whirlpool your wort with a sanitized paddle or spoon when cooling to collect solids in the bottom/middle.

Beautiful! The beer looks great too!

After that we poured the wort eagerly into the fermenter splashing vigorously to aerate. The yeast love us! Then we pitched one 11g packet of Safbrew S-33 at 88F

Now it's bubbling happily away, should be a good one! And super cheap too!

-Myles and Carla