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    Brew Rig - Daddy Dan's Brewing

    My version of the Wallace brew rig. Boiling Equipment: 15 Gallon Stainless Wort Chillers: Duda Diesel Plumbing, Pumps, and Hardware: Chugger, Stainless Center
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    Brew Rig - Brutus 10

    Brew rig built using the Brutus 10 plans from Brew Your Own Magazine. Boiling Equipment: Blichmann Boiler Beer Bottling Gear: Blichmann beer gun Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Blichmann fermentation vessel Wort Chillers: Blichmann chiller
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    Brew Rig - The Dude's Brew stand

    This is my hopped up version of a Brutus clone. 20 Gallon capacity, 2 Love temperature controllers, 2 Chugger pumps, A Duda plate chiller, and an attachable Auto Grant. I love the Auto Grant it allows me to gravity sparge without affecting the flow rate when the pump turns on. The Love...
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    Brew Rig - Drew's Basement Brewery

    I bought the build-it-yourself control panel kit from, and the system is basically identical to Kal's, except I don't use Blichmann Boilermakers for the HLT or BK. Love this system... brewing indoors during cold MN winters will be nice! Boiling Equipment:Heat source (for...
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    Brew Rig - Tim's BIAB Brew Rack

    Originally I was going to make a 3 tier stand out of this old network rack but recently discovered BIAB. I have 3 kids now so time is of the essence and BIAB solves some time issues. The 62 qt Bayou kettle has weldless fittings, ss element kit from, and a SS mesh...
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    Brew Rig - Brassere L'Trange

    See the thread for more information and pictures. Boiling Equipment:30 Gallon Boilermaker Beer Bottling Gear:Bottling gun Fermentation Vessels and Equipment:Better Bottles with temperature controlled freezer Wort Chillers:Therminator with old...
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    Brew Rig - Teague Brewing Co

    Feel free to ask me about any additional information on my brew stand build. Boiling Equipment: Stout Tanks 20 Gal. Brew Kettle with Tangential Inlet. Banjo Burners Beer Bottling Gear: 2 Tap Kegerator Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: SS Brew Tech 7 Gal. Conical Fermenter, True Commercial...
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    Brew Rig - Lake Pocatapaug Brewing

    Check out LPBC Recipes on Beer Smith! This is our home built all electric brew rig for 10 - 20 Gal batches. Located in Central CT, reach out if you want to know our brew schedule! There is always 6 Beers on tap! Boiling Equipment: 25Gal Pot - Single 5500watt element - All Electric Just added...
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    Brew Rig - Timmerman Brewing

    200 Liter brew rig that runs on RIMS heating system. Direct contact of recirculating wort to RIMS element - have not found scorching character in beer yet. The RIMS system is heated by a 2KW element,temperature controlledby STC1000 that regulates the mash tun. Boiler is heated by 2X 3kw...
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    Brew Rig - Tipsy Dump

    Several years ago I saw something a brew rig like this on a website. I decided to build my own. It's changed a little from the pictures. I added a cleanable counter flow chiller, whirlpool arm, a few other fittings, etc. I use the cleanable counter flow chiller and recirculate it back into a...
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    Brew Rig - Double D Brewing

    My first brew rig and stand build. Wood frame and trim with stained concrete tops, I still need to finish out the plumbing and herms coil. Boiling Equipment: 10 gallon Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 6.5 gallon glass carboy Wort Chillers: 50' stainless coil
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    Brew Rig - Big10 eBrewery

    I've been brewing since about 2008 and switched to all grain after the first year. Ive been a casual brewer. My brewing frequency has varied a lot over the years due to climate and school /work schedule. Most recently I've been doing probably 10, 5 gallon batches a year. Its time to step up my...
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    Brew Rig - Allegheny Brew Worx

    Switched to indoor electric brewing about 2 yrs ago. Mainly because PA winters suck! Boiling Equipment: 20 Gallon Electric Boil Kettle, 15 gallon Electric HLT, 5 and 10 Gallon Igloo Mash Tuns Beer Bottling Gear: Kegs Only! Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Typical buckets and carboys, mini...
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    Brew Rig - Chiron Brewery

    Ebrewsupply and blichmann E-Herms setup. Kegging and then into the keezer. At least it gives me a place to lager as well. Boiling Equipment: 3 Vessel Blichmann E-Herms Brewery Beer Bottling Gear: Kegging straight to a keezer Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Buckets and Kegs Wort Chillers...
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    Brew Rig - 10 Gallon Natural Gas Setup

    10 gallon natural gas brew rig. # vessel 10 gallon system with several taps for finished brews. Beer Bottling Gear: Kegs Only Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Glass carboys for all stages Wort Chillers: Homemade counterflow Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 2 Chuggers,3 15 gal. Polar Ware pots...
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    Brew Rig - Brew Nights 4 Tier Brewing System

    4 tier brew rig .. 10 gallon setup. With staircase..2 (32) jet burners. 7 feet tall.. Still needs a lot of work.. but getting there.. The frame is mostly leftover 2x2 square tubing.. Still need to make the heat shields and plumbing... Boiling Equipment: 15 gallon Keggle with weldless...
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    Brew Rig - Kirin's 50amp RIMS Brew Setup

    50 AMP total: 2000W RIMS Heater (20 AMP) 5500W Boil/strike water (30 AMP) 1 120V outlet for pump 2 PID's (1 RIMS & 1 Boil) 1 Brewing timer Igloo Mash tun, Copper manifold, slotted with jig saw Boiling Equipment:5500W Boil Kettle Beer Bottling Gear:Counter-pressure bottle filler Fermentation...
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    Brew Rig - Jn1's All Grain Brewing Setup

    I use 1 kettle, and 2 coolers (1 HLT, 1 MLT) for my setup. Its pretty basic and entry level for AG brewing. Boiling Equipment: Blichmann Burner, 10.5 Gal Kettle Beer Bottling Gear: Bottle Tree, Beer Gun, Bottle Capper, 9x 5 Gallon Corny Kegs, 1x 2.5 Gal Keg. 2 Tap Kegerator Fermentation Vessels...
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    Brew Rig - Auger's DIY Brew Tree

    The brew tree was designed and built by me (with some inspiration from many build threads on HBT), three tiers with three propane burners - boil kettle, MLT, HLT, all 1/2bbl keggles. I've since added shields around the burners for better heat utilization, which has made a difference. Boiling...
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    Brew Rig - Aarons All Grain 5 Gallon Setup

    A simple, ever evolving All-Grain setup. Aluminum pot for HLT, converted cooler for MLT, and a 10 gallon aluminum pot for my boil. Cranked out about three dozen all grain brews with these three and can consistently hit 75-85% efficiency. I say ever evolving because it seems every other batch of...