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Hand-built, wooden brew sculpture on locking casters. Most thought was given to function. I wanted a setup that was gravity fed, portable, and sturdy. It has cut 2-3 hours out of my brewday and much less lifting of heavy and hot objects. It is also nice that everything I need on a brewday is on the Beermobile. I love having the extra 2 ft. work space next to the Mash Tun.
I designed it to fit a small 8 ft trailer I have. It travels to group brewdays and other brew exhibitions in my area.
Even though it is made of wood, the burners are set in metal hangers and all surrounding areas are well flashed. I use custom fabricated 1 in. pipe as the racks that hold the vessels. Everything sets in sturdy and safe but is also very easy to tear down for cleaning. I put about 8 coats of polyurethane on the wood to make sure there will be no problems with waterlogging.
The vessels are spray painted with high-temp black paint. I did this because I have seen a lot of buffed out shiny kettles, and I wanted something different. Shining those kegs is a lot of work. This way I can touch up the scratches and dings very easily.
All the propane is piped through copper flare fittings and pipe. It was easy and cheap. I plan to replumb it with black pipe in the future for the sake of durability. I run 2 burners, one jet burner under the HLT and one 10 inch Banjo under the boil kettle. It is plumbed to add another burner under the Mash Tun should I decide to direct heat the Mash Tun directly for temperature steps. So far no need because I usually do either single infusion mashes or Decoctions.
It is a work in progress. since these photos were taken, I have added the water lines for tanking up the HLT and running the chiller. I have added a drawer for tools and measuring equipment. I plan to enclose the bottom storage area and put doors on the front to hide the mess underneath. Maybe fit it with some speakers.
Also pictured and never too far from the Beermobile is the Wateringcan. It is a found side by side fridge that holds 4 cornys and several cases of commersh.
Not pictured is the asundry of other appliance accumulated over the years for purposes of beer. Several lager fridges and couple of chest freezers in various phases of fitting out for serving stations. Everything works too!
Boiling Equipment: 1/2 Barrel Sanke Kegs
Beer Bottling Gear: Ball Lock Corny Kegs
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Buckets, Glass Carboys, PET Plastic carboys, 2 5 gallons Rye Whiskey Barrels.
Wort Chillers: Immersion 50ft. and 30 ft. DIY counterflow.
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: Copper gas lines and pvc water lines