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I bought the build-it-yourself control panel kit from theelectricbrewery.com, and the system is basically identical to Kal's, except I don't use Blichmann Boilermakers for the HLT or BK. Love this system... brewing indoors during cold MN winters will be nice!
Boiling Equipment:Heat source (for BK and HLT) 5500 watt - ultra low watt density elements.
Beer Bottling Gear:5 gallon ball locks, 3 tap keezer with stainless Perlicks, 1 stout faucet
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment:Temperature controlled chest freezer fermentation chamber, 2x7 gallon glass carboys for primary, gallon glass carboys for secondary
Wort Chillers: Homemade counterflow
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 1/2" stainless ball valves, 1/2" stainless quick disconnects (kettles and hoses), 50' x 1/2" stainless HERMS coil, 2x NB Steelhead Pumps, high temp silicone hoses
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Refractometer that sits unused... old school, trusty hydrometer that gets a lot of work.
Yeast Equipment: 2x 2000 ml flasks, 2x homemade stir plates
Cleansers and Sanitizers: Oxyclean carboys and kegs, Starsan for everything