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  1. HM-2

    Double IPA "Eldritch Terror" - West Coast Imperial IPA

    Let's start this one with some gratuitous use of thematically appropriate AI generated art: And maybe a picture of the beer in question? I've been on a bit of a Westie kick for probably six months now, and one of the things it's taught me is that I'm very particular about the WCIPAs I...
  2. R

    Homemade label - thoughts?

    Curious to get everyone's feedback - don't hold back. There's one subtle aspect to it and I'm wondering if it'll get noticed.
  3. A

    Centennial, Amarillo and Citra Hop Combo

    I am designing an APA recipe and I want to achieve a well balanced - not too bitter - tropical flavour and aroma. Here's the hop schedule I've come up with. Thoughts?
  4. Ancient Ginseng

    Brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA. Thoughts?

    Hello guys , Im brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA 6.3% abv , 44 ibu . Im not trying to get an extremely hoppy ipa with high ibu. I am trying to avoid Citra Galaxy Mosaic etc but to get an equally nice IPA. My plan is to get a balance hoppy flavor and nice mid - bittering at 44 ibu from...
  5. D

    Amarillo Summer Ale 3.8% Grain to Glass Video

  6. B

    What hop am I missing?

    I'm planning on brewing some simple grain bill/hoppy IPA's soon. They are all for post-boil hop additions & for dry hopping. I have a pound each of Simcoe, Amarillo, Ekuanot & Denali. Anyone want to tell me what 1 or 2 hops I am missing. I'm generally going for a citrus/tropical feel.
  7. M

    Best Cheap Hop Combos

    I've been intrigued about hop combos and their biotransformations ever since I heard Stan Hieronymus speak about them. Using nugget and chinook in the whirl pool and/or dry hop produce something much fruitier/tropical than either on their own. I've tried it and it seems to be true. Has anyone...
  8. BeatnikTom

    Witbier BrunchMaster 2000 - Belgian Wit - Gold Medal 2018 NHC

    This is a super thick, super orangey, single hop/hop-bursted Amarillo Wit. 6 lbs Flaked Wheat 4 lbs Briess 2-Row Brewer's Malt .25 lbs Flaked Oats Add rice hulls if you're not smart enough to be BIAB'ing. :) .65oz 9%AA Amarillo @ 20 min .5 oz 9%AA Amarillo @ 15 min 1 oz 9% AA Amarillo @ 0 min...
  9. WildernessBrewing

    Yet Another Dry Hop Question

    Looking for advice on a dry hop schedule for a pale ale that just finished with primary fermentation. It's a Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo pale at about 30 IBUs. SG of 1.052 and finished at 1.009 with WLP051. I'll be kegging and serving it at an event on the 15th of September, so I have a little...
  10. Washington_Brewologist

    Batch #10 Pale Ale... I need some input on my recipe choices!

    This will be my 10th batch and I'm trying to brew up a really tasty hop bursted APA. I also took my first stab at creating a recipe based on all of the stuff I've learned over the last 3 or 4 months. I'm wondering if you guys think Simcoe would work as a good bittering hop in this recipe? If you...
  11. Rik van den berg

    Am i maximizing the potential of these hops?

    I brewed a NE (or double) IPA that came out really good. This one was done with partial mash and extract and was the 4th beer i brewed. This was also the first beer i brewed with my own hop bill. I'd like to try this one again with my own all grain bill and using the lessons i learnt but because...
  12. iammatt

    Partial Mash Amarillo/Citra American Pale Ale

    Going to be experimenting with this little recipe over the next few months. Anyways, here is how it goes at conception, plan on brewing this first on 4-24, feedback, recommendations and experiences are appreciated. Recipe: Partial Mash Amarillo/Citra Pale Ale Style: American Pale Ale...
  13. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    I got a brew coming up Thursday before I leave town for a week. My first Imperial IPA I don't have any experience with any of these hops aside from cascade. Heres the recipe; I'm planning on doing continuous additions ala DFH. Let me know what ya think. 13.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0...