Double IPA "Eldritch Terror" - West Coast Imperial IPA

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Life Begins at 10g/L
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Jun 17, 2022
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Recipe Type
All Grain
WHC Labs LAX (2 packets)
Yeast Starter
Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter
Batch Size (Gallons)
Original Gravity
Final Gravity
Boiling Time (Minutes)
17 EBC
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
7 days @ 20°C
Tasting Notes
Red Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Pine, Mango
Let's start this one with some gratuitous use of thematically appropriate AI generated art:


And maybe a picture of the beer in question?


I've been on a bit of a Westie kick for probably six months now, and one of the things it's taught me is that I'm very particular about the WCIPAs I like. Much in the way I can't stand a NEIPA that lacks a backbone of decent bitterness, I can't stand a classic IPA that's "pure" bitterness without decent complexity in flavour. I've done a few West Coast IPAs over the years of varying strengths which have been "good", but I've never made a "great" one...until now, that is.

It's a big beer. 9.2%, but hides it's size well. It's bitter, but not unbalanced. Plenty of diversity in flavour- very much the antithesis of the "one-note" Westies I detest. Very grapefruit forward, bit of resinous spice and sweet orange followed by a hit of overripe, dank mango from the Mosaic. It comes across as fairly dry but not unpleasantly so, and very well balanced if I do say so myself. As I said, I'm a fussy bugger when it comes to WCIPAs and personally I think this one is fantastic.

Vital Stats:
ABV: 9.2%
OG: 1.084
FG: 1.014
EBC: 17
IBU: 75
BU/GU: 0.89

Recipe as below should be for circa 23L/6 gallon fermenter volume, but I only managed more like 21L due to hopping related losses:

Bohemian Czech Pilsen (Weyermann)6.754 KG84%
Munich II (Weyermann)0.482 KG6%
Caramalt Premium English (Simpsons)0.322 KG4%
Dextrose0.322 KG4%
Crystal T50 (Simpsons)0.161 KG2%

You could probably swap out the Pilsen with any old 2-row without significantly affecting anything, you just want the palest base malt you have to hand really. The interplay between the Caramalt and T50 gives a hint of residual sweetness but without it coming across as cloying. You could probably simplify it further if you really wanted by slightly upping the Munich and using a single ~100 EBC Crystal at maybe 4%, but I like it like this.

I used a "high fermentability" mash schedule as follows:
  • 30m at 63°C
  • 30m at 67°C
  • 15m mash out at 75°C
Water profile I would keep pretty simple. 100 Ca2, 50 Cl, 200 SO4, and 50 HCO3 was what I went with, so about a 4:1 Sulphate to Chloride.

CentennialLupoMAX12.6%22g 1930mBoil
MosaicLupoMAX16.8%15g125m Boil
AmarilloCryo17.6%65g920m @75°CWhirlpool
MosaicLupoMAX16.8%65g920m @75°CWhirlpool
CentennialLupoMAX12.6%55g520m @75°CWhirlpool
AmarilloCryo17.6%40g-Day 9 for 2 daysDry Hop
CentennialLupoMAX12.6%40g-Day 9 for 2 daysDry Hop
MosiacLupoMAX16.8%40g-Day 9 for 2 daysDry Hop

Hopping is fairly aggressive but not insanely so. 9oz hot side, mostly in the form of whirlpool, with another 4.5ish in the dry hop. It works out as about 8g/L aroma and about 4g/L in the dry hop which sounds fairly middling but is all Cryo hops so realistically feels like a fair bit more. I shot for an IBU of around 75 because I find that's the "sweet spot" for me, but your mileage may vary.

Fermentation is your billy basic 20°C with no ramp long as it takes to hit FG. In my case it was done in a week but I left it a couple of days longer. I would recommend US-05 or some variant thereof; I pitched 2 packets of WHC Labs LAX which attenuated to about 82% (allegedly). If you can, soft crash down to get the worst of any residual hop matter and trub out of suspension and maybe consider dumping yeast before you dry hop; it's not going to be as much as a problem as you might have with a NEIPA at 20g/L but it lowers the risk of hop creep and diacetyl being thrown. Carbonate to the mid 2s, I think mine's about 2.6 volumes.

I had planned to fine, but forgot to in the end, so the photo above is without any artificial clarification. That was at circa 3 weeks, and it's dropped even clearer since then.