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    Oats in Pale Beer?

    Was at work and typing on phone. Tried to say I could not give any of the rest (beersmith at home on computer, not on phone) but was kind of irrelevant as the citrusy hops we all know will do . Glad it gave you a chuckle though
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    Help me make a Sippy Cup IPA

    Citra/Amarillo/Strata/Galaxy is a good combination. Lots of hops at 160°F and in dry hop. Very little in boil.
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    3 word story

    food court floor
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    Oakham Ales ( UK )

    Looks like something I would definitely like!!! Thank you
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    Oakham Ales ( UK )

    Tons of sulfate and grapefruit definitely can be off-putting. If the flavors are not bright and refreshing then I would rather not have it when citrus is involved.
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    Oakham Ales ( UK )

    QUite unfortunate. While I am shying away from them as a result of NEIPA overload, they are quite spectacular when done well. Now to go off on a tangent, I see under your name you have a Lithuanian Farmhouse ale. Care to share a recipe? Love to have a good example of that to make for my father.
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    FOUND!!! X331 Hops (Strata)

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    Doing my first all grain this weekend

    yup - asking the LHBS to double-crush may well help. Did that until I got my own mill
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Did a Dubbel. Swapped out 2 lbs of Pils for the Ashburne Mild malt (got it at a brew club meeting) Willamette And Styrian Alpha % is less than what showing here. What came out of the kettle was fantastic, now let see if I manage the temps correctly and get the esters rocking.
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    Help Me Build My First NEIPA (Hop Schedule, Specifically)

    yeast, barley, hops and malt are beer - regardless Whether it meets any "style" is irrelevant as long as you like it beer you like is good beer. Flawed or perfect makes no difference. If you like it, you done good. Still, your recipe looks fine and don't wait until you get keg stuff to do...
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    Help Me Build My First NEIPA (Hop Schedule, Specifically)

    First - run with the recipe. Looks like a good starting point. I would replace some M/O with more wheat (but that is me). Second - Agree with above on the O2 issue. I use corny kegs as bottling buckets. It seems to me that If I take it up to 10 PSI and release a few times, I have a good...
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    Airlock fell off of Fermentor

    put it back in. nothing you can do if it is bad - may work out just fine. sure O2 got in, but how much is the question. Unfortunately, there is only one way to know - bottle it. I would probably not enter it in competition, but no harm in playing it out.
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    LA iii vs Kveik in a NEIPA

    It is a balancing act. residual sugars play a part but should not be relied upon for entire experience. flaked and unmalted grains can also be used quite well to that end.
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    LA iii vs Kveik in a NEIPA

    I mashed a rye IPA a few weeks ago at 148 not thinking about the strain. down to 1.005 and still going going to have to jack temps to get it to finish. Most certainly is a beast. One good thing - if you want to do a 10% DIPA, you are in luck. the stuff loves high gravity
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    LA iii vs Kveik in a NEIPA

    I am finding that the attenuation of the Norwegian strains can impact body and subsequently perception of flavor. With low mash temps and base malts with high extract potential, I get very high attenuation - well exceeding stated max. LA3 has a 75% max predicted attenuation Conan has an 80%...