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    Cold Brew in Carboy

    I cold brewed about half a pound in about a quart of water. You need to let grounds settle and then add to taste
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    Midwest Java Stout - bottling and hydrometer readings

    Stouts usually finish in that range
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    What craft beer do you secretly despise?

    I still like them, but I enjoy other beers. I think as home brewers we look at the complexity of the taste and how it comes together. When we taste a beer, we notice things others don't. For example we went out to dinner last night and I had a choice of BMC or a Sam Adams IPA. I took the IPA. It...
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    What craft beer do you secretly despise?

    Wow. Almost 300 posts. Pretty good thread.mostly bashing IPA's though.
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    Krausen not falling, though desired FG reached!

    A couple of days. You can put gelatin in it also. It clears beer pretty well. I would cold crash for a week or 2 then let it warm back up unless you are kegging
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    Krausen not falling, though desired FG reached!

    Looks like yeast to me. Chill it and it will fall
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    What craft beer do you secretly despise?

    That beer is on tap in many restaurants and bars in indiana. I plan to try a Zombie Dust to see what all the hype is about
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you go to buy someone some beer and you have to tell the person trying to help you that you do not know anything about most of the brewers that they have beer from. One girl started to describe beers to me today like I did not know anything about beer. I had to stop her and tell her I brew...
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    Airlock will NOT stop bubbling, what's up with that?

    Mine is going crazy as I warmed it back up from cold crash. It is just the co2 being released. I will give it a few days then bottle
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    Krausen not falling, though desired FG reached!

    Chill and it should fall. Make sure it is done though
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    American Wheat

    The armor should fade some especially if you cold crash it during secondary.
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    My beer will NOT carbonate - no matter what! Part2

    I use Yoops method. 30-35 psi. I taste at 24,36, 48 60 and if necessary 72 hours. Are you sure you have no leaks and are using co2 and Not beer gas? You could also Add priming sugar and let it sit at about 65-68 for a few weeks. Make sure you fill head space with co2 though not beer gas...
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    American Wheat

    It should clear out. Does it taste banana like?
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    American Pale Ale from Brewing Classic Styles?

    Marris is going to change the character some. My beers have a bread taste when it use it
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    poor attenuation with S04

    I used it on oatmeal stout and mild. It took it awhile. It finally fell to target og after 3 weeks