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Aug 6, 2007
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I bottled a belgian wit the other day. It had been in the primary for 2 weeks and finished out at 1.010 OG 1.038. Its a PM version of Biermunchers blue balls. I started doing everything for bottling and started filling bottles. I then tasted the Hydrometer sample and man was it awful. A taste that I can only describe as yeasty with some of the foul aroma that you can get with fermentation. The yeast was White Labs 400.

I probably should have let it sit in the primary or transferred off the cake to a secondary but I figured it didnt need it because of the style. But with all that aside what do you think the odds are that this off flavor fades? Maybe after it carbs and more of the yeast drops out will the flavor go away? I was thinking about waiting a week to 2 weeks to carb then puting it in my basement where it is upper 40's to sort of cold condition. Do you think this will help or should I just start accepting the loss?