Yeast infection

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Dec 2, 2007
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Boise, ID
trying my hand at this yeast washing business which also means my first starters. The question is; while your stater is coming to life is there any tell tale signs that there is an infection present? I would hate to pitch an infected starter and be out $25 on a batch.
thanks again
it'd be like any other'd need to look wrong (mold forming, or very obvious weirdness like 'stringy' stuff in the starter), or smell wrong.

as long as you sanitize your washing vessels/jars, hands, and used boiled/cooled water for the washing, it'll be as infection free as the original beer.
In about 35 years of brewing, I've lost just one batch to an infection. It smelled bad, tasted even worse, and the smell got worse with time.
I've probably thrown away 4 - 5 batches of yeast during that time. If it doesn't smell good when I want to use it, I throw it away. (They've all looked OK).