Yeast in cupboard?

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Jan 9, 2005
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Greenville, SC
Hey all,
great to be back! been a rough month!
Quick questions... I have several packs of dry yeast that came with kits I used liquid yeast for, and have found them in the pantry where they were put away. Should they have been refridgerated, and are they still good?
Update: IPA batch came out absolutely awesome. APA in secondary, and I'm thinking about a scottish ale for next batch. Any comments on the Scots? Good kit anywhere?
Thanks guys
Dry yeast can be stored in the cupboard with no ill effects as far as I know.

Congrats on the IPA! As far as Scots, I never make them because my wife hates malty beers, so I'm always making the hoppy stuff. It's an interesting style, though. I just got the Classic Beer Styles book on Scots so maybe I'll take a peek at it.

Cheers! :D

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