Wort Container to Measure OG?

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Jan 1, 2008
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Baltimore, MD
When ever I try to measure the OG or my wort before pitching the yeast I almost always have difficulty finding a container to put the wort while I measure the OG that is tall enough yet skinny enough so that I don't waste too much. The tube that my hydrometer came with is tall enough but is so narrow that I don't trust that the hydrometer isn't in contact with that walls.

I use a 6 gallon carboy, so does anyone have any good suggestions for a container (beaker or test tube?) to pour some of the wort in for OG measurements or a method of measuring the OG in the carboy?

Just keep stirring/spinning your hydrometer in the tube it came it. Eventually it won't stick to the sides. It seems like a waste to buy something else...
I didn't even think of it. For a OG reading refractometers are great. I just got one for christmas and love it. Little pricy but worthwhile if your giftgivers have deep pockets. They are between 30$ -130$ depending on where you get it from. Look on ebay.