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Feb 3, 2016
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Hunterdon County
Good day...I haven't brewed in quite a while, but got the itch. With summer upon us I wanted to brew a light beer. I saw an all grain kolsch kit at a local store and grabbed it because the WLP029 range is 65-69 which I thought would be fine in my basement. Well, I tracked the temp for two days and it's between 68-70. That's warmer than I expected. I've also read most people prefer the lower range temps. Should I go for it, or is it a waste of 6 weeks? Will the ingredients last till the fall/winter if I decide to wait?


Personally I would ferment it at the lower temps with temperature control. Kolsch benefits nicely from a 4-6 week lagering at cold temperatures, the colder the better. You'll get a nice clear beer after about 4-6 weeks. I've used this yeast multiple times and the times that I rushed it or didn't keep the temperature low where the times it came out the worst. The ingredients would be fine later in the year, particularly if not already crushed. Also, if the kit hasn't been sitting around forever.

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