When to add, oats, and coriander??

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Jan 27, 2005
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Kalamazoo MI
I have a recipe i am going to brew up for a Belgian wit beer, but it just has ingredients and no other instructions and im still learning so I figured one of you could help me out......Janx...where you at bro? :)

I know I steep the grains.....the recipe has 1 lb dry wheat, and 4 lbs of dry extra light malt extract. I think I add those to the boil after the steep...??

The recipe has .5 lb of flaked oats, do those go in the boil, fermenter, ??????Im not sure there, as well as the .5 ounce of coriander.

Thanks in advance for the help...
Oats and grains get steeped. All extract goes in the boil after the steep (wheath and light DME). The spices should probably go in towards the end of the boil...maybe the last 10 or 15 minutes?

We use oats a lot and just mash them along with everything else. They can get gooey, sticky, so we try to make sure they go on top of the grain bed. In your case, I imagine you have a steeping bag or something.

Belgian Wit is one of my upcoming goals. Doing a really authentic one takes some definite work. Unmalted wheat, a number of mashing steps, the spices, getting the body right. I want to have Wit flowing in rivers by summer. And I want it to be as good as Celis (that's better than Hoegaarden ;))

What's your recipe look like?
I found it on beertools.com.

.75 lbs White Wheat Malt
1 lbs. Muntons Dry Wheat
4lbs Muntons Dry Extra Light
.5 lbs Oats Flaked
.75 oz. Hallertau 60 min boil
.25 oz. Hallertau 10 min boil
.5 ounces Coriander
White Labs WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale Yeast

If i put the Oats in a steeping bag, should that work out alright for me? And just steep them with my Wheat malt?
the corriander i have, is like little seeds. Should I crush them first or just put them in "as is"?
Tophe96 said:
the corriander i have, is like little seeds. Should I crush them first or just put them in "as is"?

That sounds like coriander...it's the seeds from a cillantro plant. You should crush them at least a bit to get the best flavor out of them.

And yeah, I'd try steeping the oats and wheat in a sack together, bearing in mind that the oats will become oatmeal and thus a gloppy mess ;)

Let us know how it goes. Cheers! :D
For Sure man....I'll be brewin it up this weekend. Maybe I'll snap a few pics for effect. :D I got one of my buddies into brewin and he just bought a kit yesterday so Im going to help him brew his first batch this weekend too.
I've got a similar recipe from The Joy of Homebrewing. The only differences are some orange peel, and light honey instead of oats.

Half the coriander gets added after the first 45 minutes, and the rest gets added with the orange peel after ten minutes. The recipe is called "Who's in the Garden Grand Cru," and it's a copy of Hoegarden's Grand Cru.

Good Luck.
A Wit should have almost no bitterness and just a bit of hop aroma. I have seen recipes that add all the hops in the last 10 or 15 minutes. Also, I have been doing some reading and most folks say to add spices at the very end of the boil...say 10 minutes.
hmmmm...okay...I wont add the extra hops then....I have 2 different Hallertau's , one is 4.6 AA, and ones 3.8 AA....The higher the AA means more bitterness correct? Im not sure which one i'll use....ones american, and the others german mittlefrue. Yeah, Im going to add .5 ounce of corriander, and a .5 ounce of orange peel w/ 10 mins left.
You might have posted elsewhere, but I don't recall seeing.....how did it turn out?

I was searching for info on adding corriander and orange peel, and came across this.

I just cracked an orange-corriander weisse I bottled about two weeks ago and I'm pretty pleased. All I did was throw 1oz bitter, and 1oz sweet orange peel into the secondary, along with 1 oz slightly crushed corriander.

It's got a bit of an orange zing to it....just enough for me. Not much corriander, though. I definitely forsee myself adding the corriander to the boil next time, and maybe 1oz total orange peel, for a bit more flavor. Then .5oz of each to the secondary.

If I can refine the recipe a little, I definitely forsee this becoming my standard summer brew.

I have made 3 batches of Wit in the past couple weeks and I'm finding I like 1 oz bitter orange peel for 10-12 gallons added 20 minutes from the end of the boil.

1-2 oz coriander freshly ground added at the very end of the boil is seeming about right for that It fades fairly quickly from the flavor profile, so you may want to go a bit strong at the beginning so that it fades out to where you like it after a few weeks.

The one we made with one oz of each is an excellent Wit, probably more because of the mash schedule, but the spices are really nicely balanced and it's one week old (!) Wit in the traditional sense ;)
I added .5 oz of orange peel and .5 oz of corriander in the last 10 mins of the boil. I gave it a lil taste when i racked to secondary and i could def taste the spices.....I think i used the sweet orange peel b/c i wasnt sure which one to use. My recipe didnt call for any orange peel but i added it anyways :) Im going to bottle it today hopefully, as i didnt get around to it last weekend.