When a brew turns into something else instead of going bad

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May 28, 2018
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Not sure if this is right place to put this, anyway;

I brewed something like a strong blonde ale a couple years back, but used BE-134. Same one I posted about in Yeast & fermentation a while back.

It came out great in all respects, sparkly clear, good head, etc, except was a clove bomb. A small glass tasted great, but most would not want to guzzle a whole pint. About a year later, I tapped the second keg of this brew and found it had changed. The clove bomb was gone and taste was more dominated by a pleasant prune sort of flavor. It tasted really good, but alas, my preference is for dryer brews.

Now it has progressed in a sherry like direction, the age has taken it;s toll...color has turned toward caramel. However, it compares favorably to my memories of and occasional bottle of Paulener(?), abby sort high ABV brews I would buy once in while. Place I used to but them, those bottles were literally dusty. I realize this old stuff is what it is, but who'da thought I'd be able to recreate a high end Abby that had sat on shelf for over a year,. This is truly an amazing. Keg is still a little less than half full, was going to dump to make room for some binge lagering, but it tastes too intriguing.
The clove bomb was gone and taste was more dominated by a pleasant prune sort of flavor
color has turned toward caramel.

from what i've read on these forums, sounds like oxidation?

from what i've seen in childhood cartoons, sounds like classic girl meets prince charming though! :mug:
Indeed, it is oxidation, but in a limited form, which I'm told is done on purpose to make sherry wine.

In beer realm, besides shelf dusted abbeys, it is also brings to mind a "special" (good way to cover for a mistake batch, guys) malt wine marketed by Sam Addams a few decades ago, was sold in 8oz blue glass bottles for high price, purportedly aged over a year. Not my general sort of beverage, but I remember I bought a few because my gal at the time wanted the bottles.
Might be Triple Bock.

From what I've read, Triple Bock was a really good beer - as long as the seal on the bottle didn't fail.

You're right, I had forgotten what it was called, but I thought I had one of the bottles around somewhere. It was a still beverage, as I recall, I like that mine is gently carbed.