What to call this?? Cider 'blend'

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Pimp Juice

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Aug 29, 2005
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San Leandro
many moons ago (july 08') I brewed up a barley wine, goes like this;

5 gallon batch
16 lbs 2-row
6 lbs munich
1 lbs aromatic
1 lbs victory
single steep @ 152 for 60 mins.
9 lbs malt extract... I think, but I never wrote it down.
60min- 1.5 oz green bullet
45min- .5 oz green bullet
30min- 1 oz amarillo
15min- 1 oz golding
end - 1 oz golding
YEAST English dry
OG-- 1.130?? (hydrometer gave me different readings but I think this was the average)
Racked about 10 days later (again never written down). Racking OG was like 1.050 so I pitched some champagne yeast. Finally october it got sort of low, or as low as it would get ... 1.038, so I bottled it. Cracked bottles open every month or so hoping that it would become drinkable, but it was always way to sweet.

March 09' I had an idea, blend the undrinkable beer with apple juice and ferment it. Did a one gallon pilot batch; took a gallon jug of unfiltered apple juice, poured out about 1/3, and dumped in a bottle of the stuff. 2 weeks later, cold crashed it and drank it right out the bottle un-carbonated. It was delicious so I decided to go full scale...

*4 gallons good unfiltered apple juice, you know the stuff that taste like apples (Not that stuff you can see thru... motts, tree top, etc.)
*1.5 gallons barley wine thats not drinkable
*champagne yeast
2 weeks primary, 2-4 weeks keg.
Finished dry 1.000 (sorry, never took OG)
Very crisp taste with a subtle sweetness, I am thinking the malk. A tad tart and sour, but goes down too smooth. Was pouring it in imperial pints at first but that was doing too much damage. Guessing by every one reaction its about 9%. And a final note; my friends that won't touch cider, say its pretty damn good.


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Apr 20, 2009
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Rochester, NY
It looks rather similar to the Graff recipe in the recipe database. Though the big difference is that you mixed finished barleywine into a fermenting cider rather than just adding malt and hops.

Still, I like the approach. If I ever make a beer that comes out horribly imbalance I'll have to consider putting it into a blended recipe.