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Bramling Cross

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Apr 5, 2020
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The 51st State
Great double quad from @ajbosley2015
Double quad?! That's not a beer, that's some kind of New Deal-era civil engineering project. The scale and magnitude of that achievement is unfathomable.

I tapped a keg of whirlpooled German Pils tonight. It's a repeat of a beer that I made around the new year. The prior batch was one of those, "Oh, yes, this is what I've been working toward" beers. The original batch killed off the remains of a really good pound of Hallertau Mittelfruh that encouraged me to run an aggressive whirlpool.

The beer I tapped tonight was made with a new pound of Hallertau Tradition. It's a solid pils, nothing special. Nothing like the prior beer.

On the plus side, I don't need to worry about my dwindling supply of Magnum. I've got a new bittering hop!


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Dec 2, 2009
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Yeah, my wife and I did a search and found that as well. Neither one of us had seen them around here. She sorta knew it on site but couldn’t remember the name. Kinda crazy what the flowers will all attract
I didn't realize what I had in my yard until I bought a potted plant that attracted them. You'd always see something in the corner of your eye but they'd be gone before you could track them. They'd just be going too fast on their way to somewhere else. There's still things I've yet been able to identify as they're too quick and bland in markings to identify


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Feb 15, 2013
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Go 97 miles and take a right...
As I've opined in the past, I enjoy looking at the beers in any store, grocery store, etc as I never know what I'll find.

Was at the local Giant Food today and noticed, in addition to Troegs, six packs of 16 oz cans Narragansett Lager. I've see this lager in the past, but this time I notice the "Independent Craft" BA logo on the side of the cans. Price is $6.49 for the 6 pack of 16 oz cans. I think, "What the heck... I'll try it".

I get home and pour myself a glass. Surprisingly good premium type lager similar that I've brewed in the past.

Now I'm wishing I'd bought 2 of the six packs.