Warmer start than I wanted...

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May 31, 2018
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Perfect brew day yesterday! Which, of course, means I mucked something up! I checked my Unitank after about 6 hours, and the temp controller was reading 69F, instead of 66F. I figured stratification and didn't worry too much. Checked on it again around 1am, and it was still 69F. Gently shook fermenter and figured it would sort itself out. I checked on it again in the morning, and my blowoff tube was RIPPING. Controller was reading 74F! I forgot to connect my glycol chiller tubing. DOH! SO, I had my Kolsch sitting at 74F instead of 66F for probably 12 hours-ish. Should be a good ExBEERiment. Fingers crossed!

Omega Kolsch II. I usually ferment 66F from start to finish. Clean and crisp!