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Is 9000BTU enough for a 1240btu/hr heat load?

  • Yes! It's apple to apples.

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  • No, there is a difference when using glycol vs. air.

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  • no, just buy a unit intended for this purpose.

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  • Yes, but it will cycle a lot because that is a small load.

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Dec 17, 2014
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Hey guys. I am looking to hear from some people with experience in using trunk line with a DYI or store bought unit glycol cooler. OR, if you know how to figure the math on a unit for DIY.

So I have a "portable" AC unit that I took apart. It is rated for 9000BTU, but my understanding is these are under rated as they aren't as efficient as a window unit because of their process of adding heat to the room. BUT, I did read that the ratings that include their own heat is a newer rating process, and my unit is nearly 7 years old. (should I even bother with it?? it was used for a couple of year and sat, and still works)

If my beer system needs 1240 BTU/hr cooling. I am guessing my unit is more than powerful enough? But does this mean it will be cycling on and off a whole ton? I assume I can combat this with a larger volume of glycol/water in the bath.

My setup is a 6 tap beer tower that is glycol cooled. I am using 6 product trunkline to go about 40', 25' will be underground. The remainder of trunkline will be "outside" but in a conduit of some kind.

My portable unit's evap. looks to be as large as some "big" window units, it's just curved to fit the housing it once was inside of.

Any insight or tips is greatly appreciated!
I don't have an answer for this, but would love to see pics of this set up. And hopefully someone with more knowledge than myself can answer the question.