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Dec 3, 2006
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East Tennessee
Okay, a final wrap-up...

We had our pig roast last Friday and 4 homebrews were served, mine being one among them. Local members of a regional BMW Motorcycle Owners Association group to which I belong, the MAC PAC, hauled up equipment, and one member who is a brewer, constructed this:

He'd also constructed a quickly-made, roughly-framed box about the size of a chest-sized freezer for cooling purposes. I'm sad to say that I don't have a pic. It looked simple and was light to transport, although bulky.

My beer was good, although I do think it could have done with an additional day of settling. I never bothered to cool/chill it until we got to the rally, and it was truly a test by fire given the record-breaking temps. I never let it sit in the sun and managed to avoid the worst of the heat by traveling at elevation one day (mostly in shade, too) and starting very early the next day in order to arrive before the worst hit.

The worst part, honestly, was getting used to the wiggling, although I did fill it as much as I dared. Still, even that wasn't bad, just took some getting used to. After the first 100 miles, I'd come out of a curve and start to set up for the next one when I'd feel the wiggle and it would just make me smile, thinking about the homebrew goodness to come in the days ahead. All in all, success! And I'd do it again.