Tower Cooling - need help with the basics

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Jun 19, 2009
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So I am going to build a draft tower for my keezer. I don't have a picture handy of the design I have in mind handy but it's simple T style draft box. The face will be 1X4 to mount the faucents. Then it will be 6" or 8" deep.

The column between the keezer and the faucet box will be a 6", 7" or 8" square depending on the final depth of the box and what looks best once I have a better feel for it.

I am leaning strongly toward not wanting to use a cooling fan even if it means having half a glass of foam for the first pour of the night. I guess I have a few basic conceptual questions on draft box cooling that I'd like to understand before I build the tower.

For the draft box, is it better to minimize the space inside of the box or leave as much extra room as possible? Same with the vertical column, would wider be better or narrower (cooling purposes only, forget cosmetic appeal for now)?

I guess I'm not sure which school of thought holds true. Wider column and more space in draft box means more cold air could get up to the draft box. However, cold air falls and heat rises. Since my cooling source (freezer) is below the draft box this seems like it wouldn't make sense.

Other school of thought, the more empty space you have above the freezer (in draft box and column) the more empty space you have to cool and the more cold that is sucked out of your lines.

Or does it just really not matter much at all? lines will be warm for the first pour so stop thinking about it and just build it? In summary the question is, for uncirculated cooling purposes, 1.) better to minimize or maximize space in the box? 2.) narrow or wider column better?