This year's plan - any feedback?

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Dec 17, 2014
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Giving cider yet another go. Last year's was my best yet (no bombs and tasted fairly good) and hoping for an even better result this year, but always looking for suggestions. Like to keep things fairly simple and natural, so here's my plan...

Going for a dry, tart cider, so I procured about 2 bushels of apples, 1 bushel Macintosh, 1/2 each of Rhode Island Greening and Northern Spy, (basing off a recipe I saw from Tandem Ciders).

Will grind and press, add campden tablets. Sit for 24 hours or so, then pectic enzyme and probably some tannin. Pitch yeast. Planning on SO4.
From others feedback will leave more apple taste if allowed to ferment completely.

Keep in primary for about 2 weeks or so, rack to secondary for a few more weeks until clear.

Add priming sugar, bottle.


Drink in about 6 months.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Again, try to keep things simple and fairly natural.

Only question I have right now is should I avoid grinding the seeds or does it not really make a difference? I have a garbage disposal on a utility sink (which works incredible, takes minimal effort and is quite affordable).


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Apr 6, 2014
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Grind everything up, no need to seed the apples.

I would not add any tannin prior to fermentation unless you are talking about a tannic apple/crab to include. And I hate the powdered grape stuff post-fermentation. just my two cents.

The happier you keep the yeast the happier you'll be with the final product. If you can avoid nutrients that's great, but I find most people need them. The whole "that sulfide smell is just what cider does, live with it" mentality is not something I practice but to each their own.

Great raw material you've got there. Good acidity probably with the classic "Mac note" in aroma. Good luck.