Thanksgiving Fighting Words

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1. Never liked pumpkin pie. Peacans pie is definitely the way to go.

2. Doesn't matter how the bird is prepared what matters is if it's fresh or not. Last year I picked out a live bird from a farm and cooked it the next day... I would never go back to store bought or frozen bird again.

3. Champagne is for people who don't know how to spend their money. Beer all the way!
I'd counter that stuffing is what everybody makes because they think it's expected, but nobody looks forward to.

And to top it off, it makes awful leftovers.
^That^ is just sad. Find a better cook ;)
The Spousal Unit's stuffing this year was fabulously rich - everyone loved it and there wasn't much left over...

Totally agree. My mom makes great stuffing. Even though we give mom a break, and do thanksgiving at my bro’s place, mom is still required to do the stuffing and gravy; nobody does it better. My brother, who cooked the turkey, even transported the drippings and giblets across the county to mom early yesterday morning so she could cook it all up fresh. It was delicious.

If you don’t like pumpkin pie, try a pumpkin rum cake. My wife did this since the pie option was already taken.
Turkey is a terrible tasting holiday obligation protein. There is a reason it is not consumed year round by most people. If it tasted good they would eat it like chicken
Yep. Fight the power, as we did yesterday!
Yep. Fight the power, as we did yesterday!
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Yes. We no longer have turkey as well. We had family over on Sunday - Tuesday and celebrated with my now traditional homemade lasagna. Yesterday on Thanksgiving day proper, just my wife and I and I grilled rib-eyes. Still had stuffing though, my favorite part of traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
Just picked up my annual half priced turkey. It’s becoming a tradition. Never do “friendsgiving” before the holiday.

Now to hunt down a cheap prime rib roast…
I want to start a thread for Christmas. I never cook turkey for Christmas dinner. Rib roast all the way. So much easier. Add a Caesar salad, some kind of potatoes, and cheesecake, and you're done.

Thanksgiving has to be turkey, though. Too tasty to pass up.
We do a smoked turkey, and one in the oven. Smoked > other.

I always make the bourbon pecan. Crust is made from pecans. I candy the ones on top with lots of orange zest to make it "florida style". That's a tart pan, so when I serve it the outside of the pan comes off and you can see the cool ridges all the way around.

In other news, @Clint Yeastwood is one ascerbic MFer and I like it.

Well...(gathers self) if one's stuffing is so pathetic that it actually makes sense to make waffles out of it, I say go forth and waffle! :rock:

Cheers! (But..."maple gravy"? :oops:)
1. Pumpkin pie is obligation pie; we eat it because we think we have to. People only ask for it because their moms used to make it. Sweet potato pie is the same thing, with a much-better-tasting vegetable. Only losers eat pumpkin pie. No offense. Losers.

2. A fried turkey is the mark of a gullible cook. All turkeys should be boned and stuffed. Turkeys should be roasted at temperatures no higher than 250. All who disagree must be put against the wall.

3. Champagne goes better with turkey than beer. Yeah, I said it.

Post your misguided responses below so they can be ridiculed.

Happy Thanksgiving.
1. pumpkin pie can be outstanding, so you obviously have loser cooks for friends/family who need to up their game and produce a final result worthy of the ingredients they utilized. if, after further failed attempts they still cannot deliver - they need to consider Red Baron or Pizza Pizza as they more exquisite and delectable gourmet option

2. any turkey that isn't brined for a day and then smoked low-n-slo until almost done, then quickly seared to crisp up the skin and bring to finish temp is an injustice to the bird who's life was taken

3. Champagne is for those who like to waste money on New Year's Eve with their fake friends. the best accompaniment for turkey is Bourbon or an estate Petit Verdot barrel aged with a combo of new and old French Oak
1. Pumpkin cheesecake with a pecan crust.
2. We have plenty of 'I don't like turkey' people who come back for 2nd helpings and they keep raving about how good the chicken is.... secret is 3 days prior inject with melted, herbed butter, and put in a turkey bag. Take a whole pineapple, peeled and cored, a large onion, parsley and other herbs and add to food processor. Liquefy and pour into turkey bag. Flip morning and night. Drain off excess before cooking. Cook breast down. Never had it turn out dry. Peach pineapple salsa also works fabulous.
3. Bottle of my homemade sparkling D'Anjou Pear wine.