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Nov 24, 2005
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Newport News, VA
Has anyone built a temperature controlled closet/cabinet type setup for their carboys/buckets/bottles during fermentation and conditioning? Something with a thermostat on the inside and some sort of tiny space heater so that the temperature could be kept constant during the colder months and prevent large fluctuations. I am thinking about this because I have very limited space inside but have a good spot outside on a covered porch for something like this. The issue is the temp change of course, its been everywhere from 78 to abour 48 over the past 5 days since I started my current brew. If anyone has something like this could you post some pics, give some specs, etc. Thanks
I use a fridge in my garage (right now it's about 15º, so it's not cooling anything!) with a small cube heater. The fridge is well insulated so the little heater can easily keep temp. I use a 2 stage Ranco controller, so I can have the fridge plugged in as well as the heater, and the controller gives heat or cold as necessary. The temp probe is in a stainless thermowell that is in the wort, so I am controlling fermentation temps, not ambient.
I had one in California. It was built with 1/2" plywood insulated with 6" fiberglass on the inside, except the floor was 4" of rigid foam with a piece of vinyl over it. Look for the batts that are completely wrapped in plastic. If you use them, you don't have to worry so much about tight seals.

I started with a 36" square and insulated that down to about 24" inside.

Used a 200 watt space heater with a fan and a Ranco controller.

Don't have any pictures, though.

If I was doing it again, I'd use that fake tile (for showers) board for the interior. Real easy to clean.