Substitute 6-Row for 2-Row in Ed Worts Haus Pale Ale

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Aug 23, 2007
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I am considering substituting Briess Pale 6-Row for Munton’s Pale Ale 2-Row. Do people do substitutions such as this? If so do I replace one with an equal portion of the other or use the Lovibond rating to adjust amounts proportionally?

Finally, if I can’t use Briess Pale 6-Row for this would Briess Pale 2-Row work?

I just brewed a batch few weeks ago and used Maris Otter. My LHBS said it would make a good substitution.
Briess 2-row would work fine. As would 6-row. To achieve the same OG, you'll have to use the same physical weights and accept the change in color.

6-row is mainly used when there is a high percentage of adjuncts because it has more enzymes. There is no benefit in a Pale.

[MO is a low-protein winter 2-row]

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