Steam Jacket Kettle Mash Tun for Sale

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Feb 24, 2009
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I have a 40 gallon steam jacketed kettle with crank dump for sale. I've used it as a mash tun with a lauter tun under the front but am down sizing because I just don't brew that big of batches anymore. Perfect for a club system. I've had over 60lbs of grain in it with plenty of room left. I heated it with a RIMs tube on the jacket using 1 - 4500w element. There was a second element but I never wired it because it wasn't needed. $300 for the steam kettle and $120 for the all stainless steel RIMs tube (includes the two elements, 2 - 24v DC pumps with power supply, pressure relief valve and HT reinforced silicone tube) if you want it. Pick up only - SE Wisconsin near Milwaukee/Racine county line west of I-94.

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