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  1. BryggAnton

    Adding Dextrin during fermentation

    Hi folks! I'm 1 week in to the fermentation on my big extract stout. And now i wounder if i can add some dextrin directly in to my fermentation vessel, or is it too late? I'm planning on kegging it in 2-3weeks from now.
  2. M

    Tips for Brewing Big Beers

    Brewing high gravity can be a daunting task, but I think you'll find that key practices from brewing great low-ABV beer also apply, with a little tweaking, to the high-ABV realm. As such, the tips in this article will apply to all the beer you make. What is a Big Beer? Being "big" is a part of...
  3. schmartz

    Steam Jacket Kettle Mash Tun for Sale

    I have a 40 gallon steam jacketed kettle with crank dump for sale. I've used it as a mash tun with a lauter tun under the front but am down sizing because I just don't brew that big of batches anymore. Perfect for a club system. I've had over 60lbs of grain in it with plenty of room left. I...
  4. I

    Can someone help describe the 'size' of a beer?

    I've seen many references to beers being 'big', or 'small'. I have no idea what this means. I searched the wiki and the threads and found that small beers had low amounts of alcohol. So I guess 'big' beers just have a higher alcohol %? Or is it more due to density ?