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Spike Solo 20 Gal Complete Brewery & Bar in North Dallas

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Feb 5, 2021
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Are you looking to for a complete professional brewery set up, look no further, this is it.

A difficult part with my first brewery was that you add things over time and get a feeling that you still dont have what it takes to make a wide variety of beers and other beverages. As you are adding things you also are trying to piece things together some of it which ultimately doesnt work forcing you to spend even more money.
Here is your solution for you to avoid all those misstakes. This is complete professional BIAB system with everything from grain to tap allowing you to do 5-10 gal batches really any kind of beer and in a complete oxygen free process even during the dry hopping.

Grain mill: Kegco 3 roll grain mill that can either be powered by wrench or by screw driver. Hopper holds 11 lbs. grinds quickly.

Brewhouse. 20 gal Spike Solo BIAB system. The Rolls Royce of brewery systems & kettles A complete out of the box system is included with everything that came in the box from spike, kettle, basket, controller, cables and butterfly valves.

Recirculation: In addition to the spike this system have received a complete professional upgrade with 1.5" tri clamp piping and a 1.5" chugger pump allowing you to recirculate, vorlauf and transfer to the chiller without disconnecting or changing any piping or hoses. Real commercial grade brewery hoses to recirculate. Also including a 5 feet long transfer hose. You will never have to replace them.

Chiller: Custom all stainless Stout tank counterflow chiller with temperature and sight glass on outlet. No hoses moving over time, no possible impact from copper on your beer.

Conical Fermenter: Spike brewing CF5 unitank fermenter. Absolutely awesome piece of equipment allows you both to ferment and use as a serving vessel if you want. Upgraded with a oxygen free top dry hopper 4" tri clamp butterfly valve. You attach and fill the hopper, purge the oxygen and then open the valve thereby not letting in any oxygen. Massive improvement in color and flavor when doing hop bombs. When I do 10 gal batches i usually use a fermentation bucket but spike also sell CF10 connicals if you want one.

Brewery accessories: Comes with more tri clamps and gaskets than you will need. Dry hopper, filter for when you move from conical to keg, cables and water hoses. It is all here.

Ingredients and other: I am throwing in a batch of grains a bunch of hops, water alterering minerals, pH meter and A large stainless spatula. You will need a gravity meter and test tube about 30 dollars only piece I really want to keep.

This brewery set up would probably cost you around 4000 dollars to put together yourself easily. I have all those numbers if you would like to see the detail breakdown.

The bar

its the bar you would always envisioned it should look like. 4 Perlick Co2 faucets + 1 stout/nitro tap that wont clog up all with Etsy custom made chaulk board handles. Custom T tower built based on my own spec painted in brass. Air cooling right now but has loop if you want to glycol cool it. Arctic chest freezer with space for 2x5 gal kegs, 1 x 3 gal keg, 1 x 2.5 gal keg and 1 x 1 gal keg. Total 5 kegs. All these kegs included. 15 lb nitrogen/guiness gas tank included that allows you to pour Guinness or nitro coffee. 10 lb co2 tank feeding the other 4 kegs. inkbird temperature controller and fan inside to minimize ice development. The freezer is essentially on a skate that comes out on wheels and you open the whole top to access the kegs. The tabletop is waterlox coated maple (cost about 300 dollars by itself). Beautiful finish.
This bar comes complete with all hoses, cleaning pump to push caustic cleaner through the taps, stainless drip tray and 3 matching shelves to the bar as in pictures. Bar size (WxDXH): 28 1/2" x 27 1/2" x 42 1/2". Obviously you can move the whole freezer and tap out of this enclosure should you want to build it into something else. To avoid any fire hazards there are only panels on 2 sides of the freezer and I have made sure the compressor air went and controller knobs are not covered. None of the bottles are included.

All in the bar was roughly a 3,000 dollar project.

I would like to sell the system brewery + bar as a kit if possible for 4,000 dollars for all of it. If you just need piece of it you should have no issue turning around and selling the rest even possibly for more than you bought it from me for.

This is really a dream setup you would be buying. Its a complete professional grade system that will last you a life time and I promise you will not be disappointed. I am selling as I now have a family with smaller kids, other interests and I don't really have time for the hobby anymore so equipment is just standing there and probably would for a long time. I hope it can be put to better use by you.

I am happy to spend some time with you to go over everything that is included as well as process of how to operate it. Potentially also some negotiation at fast sale but only considering serious buyers. If you are interested come over cash in hand.

You will need a truck or trailer to move this and plenty of blankets, straps and minimum 2 people. It is an extensive amount of items some of it is fragile. I will assist with basic packing and loading but no crates or boxes available.

the equipment is located in Corinth Texas 15 min from DentonTexas

If you have any questions or need more pictures please feel free to text me on
940 453 6719


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