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For Sale 20 Gal Spike eHerms System - $5,500

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Jun 16, 2017
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Spring Grove
Selling our 20 gal Spike TC eHerms system. This was a great system for us and worked flawlessly. We moved up to the Spike Nano and are no longer using this setup and would love to see it go to use. Picture below is of the entire setup. I can get more pictures as requested. Located in Spring Grove, IL. Only things that would not come with it are the tubing but if that's a deal breaker, obviously we'd include them. Will come with 2 main power cables. I believe the original is 6ft but we had a 10ft long one made to reach the outlet shown in the pic below.

Shoot me any questions if interested. Anyone local, if you want to come see it, DM me and we can work something out.

Brew System.jpg

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