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  1. Bart Taylor

    Brew Bar

    Ok I originally planned on converting one of my basement rooms into a brew room. It was going to be more money than I was willing to spend. So when I was nearly ready to give up I ran into a discussion of brew hardware's Steam Slayer and realized it would take a lot less money to convert my...
  2. K

    Spike Solo 20 Gal Complete Brewery & Bar in North Dallas

    Are you looking to for a complete professional brewery set up, look no further, this is it. A difficult part with my first brewery was that you add things over time and get a feeling that you still dont have what it takes to make a wide variety of beers and other beverages. As you are adding...
  3. Ckalnasy

    Chris' Home Bar Build

    Hey guys, new to the forum and I figure I would share my bar build for the new house my wife and I bought end of last year. The basement had a pretty large rec room (close to 30x30) with a bar already in it. Plan was to update the bar, flooring, and new paint. We still have yet to paint the...