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  1. T


    BLICHMANN ENGINEERING 5 GALLON GAS HERMS PRO PILOT SYSTEM - $3,000 Complete system includes everything you need to brew all grain. I bought this system new two years ago and it is in pristine shape. This system new cost more than $6,000. Mash Tun: 10 gallon BoilerMaker with AutoSparge and...
  2. E

    New York "Spike" (Electric brewery) Never Used

    Dear Fellow Homebrewers, This is by far one of the gnarliest most robust straight forward systems on the market. I have new unused components for building an "Electric brewery" I never completed my brewery for unforeseen reasons! I will send you a list of items for sale with current prices...
  3. Sambecker1

    Blichmann Top Tier, Burners, Boilermakers and various items

    Central PA Blichmann Top Tier $400 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g with false bottom and sparge arm $350.00 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g boil kettle with whirlpool fitting $300 Blichmann burners 2 $100 each Blichmann Top Tier shelf $50 (New in box) Blichmann 14g Fermenator with blow off kit (blow off...
  4. T

    New Jersey 20 Gal Blichmann Boilermaker G2 - New In Box

    I have a 20 Gal Blichmann Boilermaker G2 for sale. It is new and still in the box. I currently brew on a Blichmann Breweasy and was thinking about converting to a 3 vessel system but have decided that there is no reason to change my system when I am happy with the end product I am producing...
  5. A

    North Carolina All grain, kegging, bottles, everything's gotta go (RDU area)

    I quit drinking and want to clear out some storage space and finance some new hobbies, so I'm selling off all my homebrew equipment. This is (almost) everything you need to brew, keg and bottle beer from all-grain batches as well as equipment for a kegerator. Home-brew equipment includes...
  6. W

    Building Brutus 10 to fit Boilermaker Kettles

    I have two 15 gallon boilermakers and am purchasing a 20 gallon third with the intent to build a brutus 10. Has anyone built a similar set up? If so what were the frame dimensions of the brutus? Given the stepped bottom of the boilermakers, 12 inches as specified by Lonnie is too big for the...