Sonnet golding hops for czech lager?

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Aug 8, 2014
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I just brewed a split batch of lager/ale using Sonnet Golding (4.2%) hops. I bought a pound at a great price. It is supposed to be Saaz heritage. It smells great and is a bit more floral than the "noble" hops. I did four hop additions totaling 11.5 ounces. I may dry hop if it seems needed. I brewed 11 gal and split the batch, using Diamond lager yeast in one and Nottingham ale in the other. It was a stepped mash that I use for German lagers. The lager is fermenting at 52 degrees, the ale at 64. My grain is Euro pils, Acid malt, cara-pils and melanoiden. This is a flat-out experiment.
I just tried to find beers with Sonnet Golding and found one in Minnesota that does a premium czech pils with that hop.
Has anyone used Sonnet? What do you think of the ale with German Pils malt? Any idea how to categorize either in the BJCP descriptions?